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WinSlate Dashboard™

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Fostering independence for all

The WinSlate Dashboard represents Forbes AAC’s proprietary package of communication systems, assessment supports, educational resources and access tools. It also has the Grid Sets for the Language Development Kit interactive toys. Designed to empower every WinSlate user to connect, communicate and grow, the WinSlate Dashboard contains the following categories:

The CoreWord language system provides a powerful combination of core language, fringe vocabulary and banks of key phrases. This approach to AAC promotes natural communication while allowing users to express themselves as efficiently as possible in all environments with all communication partners.

This category supports users who benefit from the use of picture symbols on their communication grids. Grid sets support all levels of communication and include Symbol Talker A/B/C/D, Vocabulary For Life, Beeline, Symbol Links 4/8/12/20/30 and WordPower 100.

This subset of the WinSlate Dashboard™ offers several options for users with more advanced literacy skills.  Fast Talker 3 variations include symbolized and non-symbolized versions, as well as additional supports for students.  Text Talker offers a simple, streamlined interface for text-to-speech communication. 

This series of exciting, animated activities is designed to teach skills including cause-and-effect, choice making, and problem solving. Using these gridsets, users can independently create their own songs, take care of Dilbert the animated dog, paint pictures and more.

These resources were designed to help assess a user’s ability to accurately activate targets of various sizes on the screen. Additional assessment tools such as the Eyegaze Monitor provide feedback to optimize positioning for eyegaze access.

Keyboard style options include traditional QWERTY, alphabetical organization and keyboards with additional supports such as picture symbols and auditory cues. 

This gridset supports literacy and learning with accessible books for young readers. Shared Reading Books encourage conversation during book reading, while Story Grids encourage users to compose stories independently. Adapted worksheets and e-book templates enable teams to adapt educational materials for students of all ages.

These powerful apps provide many options for communication and entertainment via any access method, including eyegaze. Larger on-screen targets and accessible toolbars make it easier to enjoy Facebook, Twitter, Skype and other communication platforms, with access to YouTube, SMS messaging and email capabilities as well.

This group of gridsets contains essential tools for computer access, making it easier than ever for users to access everything that the powerful Windows platform has to offer. Additional features include environmental controls*, music and video players, camera, photo album, and an adapted word processor.

*Requires Feature Unlock Key (Sold Separately)

Contains blank templates, or “skeleton grids”, for fast and easy customization. Also provides examples of custom-made visual scenes for communication support during daily routines.

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