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XTNDR™ Battery Pack

Tons of power to keep an AAC device user going and going!

With the XTNDR™ battery pack, users can experience up to sixteen hours* the normal use! XTNDR™ provides WinSlate users with incredible continuous run times without adding any bulk or weight to the sleek device.


XTNDR is an industry first design concept that allows an external battery pack to be mounted directly to wheelchair mounting tube with a simple integral clamp system. It can be mounted, out of the way, on a horizontal crossbar behind the device or a vertical tube on the chair or 7/8” diameter tube.


For convenience, the XTNDR charges the WinSlate using a magnetic break-away, charging cable or a ProSlate using its provided cable. The battery pack features convenient cord management retainers to take up the slack of the varying cord applications and prevents annoying snags and hang ups.

* Actual runtimes will vary depending on product usage and configuration

XTNDR feature_web.png
XTNDR user aidan_web.png
XTNDR open clmp_web.png
XTNDR closed clmp_web.png

Integral clamps snap XTNDR to a horizontal or vertical wheelchair tube for a slip free application!

Check out how users can get going and KEEP going with  XTNDR!

Here is quick video on charging the new WinSlate.

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