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Explore Spark™ for WinSlate!

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Get the accessibility fire started with Spark!
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Spark, powered by MindExpress, for the WinSlate represents Forbes AAC’s proprietary package of communication systems, assessment supports, educational resources and access tools. It also has the pagesets for the Language Development Kit interactive toys, designed to empower every WinSlate user to connect, communicate and grow, Spark for WinSlate contains the following categories:


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We now have the updated Spark that incorporates the Spanish language in our CoreWord language software, exclusive to Forbes AAC. With this exciting update, users can now access Amego, the text based pageset, and our games and toys pagesets in Spanish.

Great news for our Spanish speaking clients! Spanish Spark!

For a great look and a head-to-head comparison at how Spark compares to the previous software, click on the image!

New updates for Spark!

Use the WinSlate and Spark for Ability Drive!

Now patients using eye gaze and have a powered wheelchair, can access this software via the WinSlate with the new Spark integration and Ability Drive. This will allow full control of their power wheelchair to mobilize without the assistance of their caregiver to increase independent living!

We have added and updated interactive learning games. Now you can easily access interactive learning for your pediatric patients right from the Spark dashboard. This will help the user have fun while familiarizing use of the SGD, as well as support the clinician in accessing appropriate access.

Updated interactive games!

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If you need a brief look at using some of features of Spark, click this link for the Spark Quick Start Guide!

Are you an SLP or Clinician who wants to trial Spark?

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