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Environmental Control

Users can take control of their electronic and digital surroundings.

Using this pageset, users can perform such tasks as using and changing the channel on a Vizio TV, turning on the lights, controlling lights and appliances. Through various access methods, they can also answer the land line telephone and open doors utilizing their WinSlates, regardless of access methods, and so much. This is another great grid set to help gain independence in their homes. 

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Alexa makes life easier, more meaningful, and more fun by letting your pageset voice control your world. Alexa can help you get more out of the things you already love and discover new possibilities you've never imagined like shopping, news and weather, music, fun and games and ton more.

google home.PNG

Google Home

Google Home is a smart speaker (similar to Amazon's Echo) that uses artificial intelligence to answer your questions and obey certain commands using this pageset.

vizio m series.PNG

Vizio M-Series

With this pageset, users can control a Vizio M-Series sold by Forbes AAC. They can channel surf, change the volume, watch their favorite shows and utilize almost every aspect of the TV watching experience, They will love being able to jump onto their favorite streaming services such as NETFLIX, prime video from Amazon, HULU, etc!

landline ir phone.PNG

IR Phone

Users can make and receive landline telephone calls using this pageset with their WinSlate device. This makes telephone communication easier and more efficient with the user in complete control.

door opener.PNG

Door Opener

With the installation, configuration and this Door Opener grid set, utilizing our top of the line components that include custom access methods such as; touch, scan, switch, headmouse and eye tracking, users can open and close doors making entry and exiting a breeze.

smart bulb.PNG

Smart Bulbs

Thanks to smart technology in light bulb form, using this Spark pageset, users can turn lights on and off and varying degrees of brightness to establish the perfect amount of light they need for any task or activity.

ecu bundle.PNG

ECU Bundle

This pageset is a whole home approach allowing users to control almost every aspect of their surroundings. From watching any element of TV, including the cable box, DVD player access, an audio system to controlling a hospital bed and opening the door, this powerful grid set bundle goes beyond the call. Users can control appliances, smart light, and IR phone and alert chime as well.

Applicance module.PNG

Appliance Module

Using this pageset from Spark, users can control virtually any plug-in appliance they wish. The Appliance Module would be controlled via the WinSlate user.

bed controller.PNG

IR Bed Controller

This Forbes AAC pageset helps users position their beds for maximum comfort using their WinSlate device.

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