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The keyguard bundle allows for continual language growth and development! 

An end user’s plan of care address goals for language growth and acquisition, yet access needs remain due to lifelong medical diagnoses. It is medically necessary a user has access to multiple keyguard layouts to match increasing vocabulary demands addressed in the plan of care. The keyguard bundle allows just that! 

The SnapLock™ Keyguard

A new keyguard design for WinSlates and ProSlates!

The new SnapLock™ keyguard features a corner grip design that easily snaps in place and locks onto the device. The corner grips yield a satisfying “snap” sound when installing to confirm positive attachment success. By attaching to the corners, the design resists unintentional pull offs. SnapLock keyguards give users more control by allowing them to rest their palm on the face of the device without making inadvertent presses on the touch panel. Each keyguard features cutout regions that provide access to corresponding onscreen button below.


Easy to Attach:

Attaching the new SnapLock keyguard is a breeze. Simply align the keyguard with the face of the devices and push on the corners and the keyguard snaps into place.


Pull-off Resistant

Don’t be fooled, while SnapLock keyguards are a breeze to attach, by they are extremely resistant to being pulled off. This is a great design feature for users with spasticity and inadvertently pull on their keyguard during a spasm. For removal, the new design utilizes a simple, no-tool procedure required for removal

WinSlate Adapta L_keyguard_rgb.png
round button_blurb web site-01.png
adapta blk_cut out stack3.png
adapta keyguard new_out try clear.png
PS 10 blue keyguard.png


SnapLock keyguards can be customized in their layout and button shape. Choose from buttons that are large, small, circle or square. This is a great option for users who cannot finger isolate or need additional support.


Clear or Black

SnapLock keyguards are available in the standard clear design and now also available in a high-contrast black acrylic.


Thick Design

SnapLock keyguards are specifically designed to be thick enough to hold the user’s hand off the screen and keep unwanted button presses from happening.


Soft-to-touch edges

With the safety of users in mind, all edges of the keyguard feature a minimum round over to insure soft, safe interaction.


Easy Clean

Designed with cleaning in mind, keyguards feature easy to clean surfaces without dirt collecting pockets or contours.

adapta keyguard corner.png
PS 10 pink master keyguard.png
PS10 KG For Snap Lock Drawing v3-01.png

Master keyguards are available.

We manufacture keyguards to fit virtually any AAC app, Contact us for a Master Keyguard to help find the right fit for you clients.

Have a look at the new SnapLock keyguard for Forbes AAC devices!

Removing the Snaplock Keyguard work sheet

To help all remove the keyguards safely, we have developed a brief instruction sheet to make sure they are not damaged during this procedure.

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