Black Keyguards

​​At Forbes AAC, we have attained several industry firsts, and as a mission, we are constantly searching for what’s next in the AAC world. We are always striving to further help our clients with specific needs using the spirit of innovation in AAC, Forbes AAC has developed a Black Keyguard!

Our goal was to produce a keyguard that would primarily help AAC device users with Cerebral Visual Impairment or CVI. CVI patients have difficulty with visually complex things, thus establishing the need for simplicity and reducing ‘visual clutter’. Black Keyguards help make message icons look more like buttons, specifically, targets, helping to get away from the ‘flat glass’ screen look.

The Black Keyguard creates a distinct contrast between the individual cells and makes it easier to see the targets on word selection grids. Individuals with CVI have sensory behavior difficulties that impact their accuracy with visual motor integration. Those users become over stimulated and tend to inefficiently ‘slap’ at the screen leading to confusion and worse off, frustration. Black Keyguards add definition to each ‘button’ and a tactile 3D sense using the black borders of the keyguard to contain the visual, making for an easier selection.

The Black Keyguards are made to the same exacting standards and material as the clear TRU-Hold Keyguards. They are extra thick, made from high-strength, black acrylic with the ridged attachment using the magnetic hold downs. The Black Keyguards have the same ergonomics as the clear versions, with the eased edges and smooth surfaces for ease of use and comfort.

The Forbes AAC Black Keyguards can be custom manufactured for almost any AAC app in the market.

master black.png

The Black Keyguard also comes in a Master Keyguard format to help understand which hole size and shape will work best for the application and client needs.

Take a look at some of the keyguards we have manufactured for these AAC apps.
We have a Keyguard Master showing several hole shapes and sizes to help design and custom keyguard .

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