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AAC Now! means immediate access to AAC

CoughDrop and Forbes AAC have joined forces to create immediate and barrier free access to AAC. Practitioners and Communicators can now access clinically developed boards on any tablet, PC or smartphone - without having to wait for funding.

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AAC Now! for Practitioners

AAC Now! Practitioner cards give full access to CoughDrop and Forbes AAC's Premium Boards – Cost is no longer a barrier - AAC Now! is free for practitioners*

Using a tablet, PC or smartphone you can immediately have the tools you need to perform AAC evaluations and implementation.


Give AAC Now! cards to your Communicators

Hand-out cards to your communicators as you submit a funding packet for their Forbes AAC device. Communicators use their cards to access and personalize their boards while they await their ProSlate or WinSlate. 

* AAC Now! is available for United States residents only, and currently in select regions (see map below). If you are outside those regions, please fill out the form below and we will contact you.

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AAC Now! for Communicators

Take your AAC home for a trial

Communicators evaluating AAC can trial CoughDrop and Forbes AAC Premium Boards at home, using any household tablet.

Get AAC Now! while we build your device

Use your AAC Now! Communicator Card to access and customize your boards today. Best of all, personalizations and modifications will auto-sync to your ProSlate or WinSlate when you sign in with your CoughDrop profile. 

Anytime. Everywhere. AAC.

Anytime. Everywhere AAC.
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Use on any tablet, PC or Smartphone

With AAC Now! you can install CoughDrop and Forbes Premium Boards on any household or workplace device available.

Cloud-driven. Locally Stored

With CoughDrop's powerful cloud-driven content management, your personalized boards are available to run on multiple devices at the same time.

Offline Ready

With Smart-Cloud Sync turned on - you can access your personalized boards from anywhere - no internet required.

Available today, in select regions

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Premium Boards by Forbes AAC

Developed by speech-language pathologists with extensive AAC experience, AAC Now! premium boards include: CoreWord™, Symbol Links, QuickCore Pro, Phrase Links, Vocal Flair Pro, Sequoia Pro, and more!

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CoughDrop Premium Boards
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