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Environmental Control Systems

Our approach for a complete Environmental Control System starts with a thorough needs assessment to understand all the determining factors in setting up a finely-honed system.


Upon completing this crucial first step, Forbes AAC will design a system that best benefits the end user and their specific needs. The next step is the installation and configuration using our top of the line components that includes custom access methods such as; touch, scan, switch, headmouse and eye tracking.


We will then provide in-home training and implementation as well as ongoing supportive service and maintenance making for a perfectly controlled environment for our clients.

Providing a complete approach

Components include:

Infrared TV Control

Infrared Land-Line Phone Control

Cell Phone Control (call and texts)

Lamp and Lighting Control

Bed Controllers

Door Openers

ecu art work up 09 23_update-01.png
WinSlate HIRU 34 front_ecu start page_spark.png
Smart TV adapta corners.png
Smart TV available now.

The new WinSlate includes an IR controller that can send signals to control virtually any IR device used for work or play so Forbes AAC is offering a 55” Vizio TV. It comes complete with a compatible WinSlate Gridset and all the set up and configuration that gets users up and watching television in no time!

WinSlate users can take full control of using the WinSlate’s built in transmitter and gridsets. Control power, volume and navigate menus using any  access method.

WinSlate Smart TV & grid set demonstration.

WinSlate door opener demonstration.

Contact Forbes AAC to get started on a needs assessment for an Environmental Control System!

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