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CoreWord™ Language System

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The words you need, right at your fingertips

The CoreWord Language System provides AAC users with a powerful combination of core language, fringe vocabulary and banks of key phrases. The language system is divided into four distinct levels that correspond with vocabulary layouts: CoreWord 6, 12, 20, 40 and 60.


The layout and content within each level are derived from studies of individuals using AAC across their lifespan. CoreWord 6 and 20 contain words most frequently used by emergent communicators and those who require larger buttons for access. CoreWord 40 offers more complex content, grammar tools and rate enhancement features. The CoreWord Language System is expanding! Now available in our most robust language system offering, CoreWord 60 is here!

The CoreWord Language System features dynamic vocabulary layouts that automatically change as the user makes selections. Once a word has been selected, the layout updates to show only words that are likely to be used next. By offering these next words in plain view and removing unwanted vocabulary, users don’t have to waste time and energy searching for their next words, ensuring maximum efficiency with a minimal learning curve.

Designed to promote language development
Consistency Fosters Learning
  • Fitzgerald color coding
  • Consistent cell locations promote motor planning
  • Cell shapes denote function
  • Guided by Brown's Stages of Language Development

Makes AAC fun and functional

Each level incorporates activities and accessible features that motivate users to engage with their device, including:

Interactive learning activities
 Animated grids that develop cause-and-effect, choice

   making, matching and problem solving

Keyguard-friendly organization
Support for all access methods

including touch, headmouse,

switch scanning

and eye tracking

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CoreWord 6 - Top Pick for Emergent Communicators
A 3x2 grid set ideal for beginning communicators and those who require larger buttons for access
  Supports Brown’s Stage 1 – Early Communication
  Intuitive and efficient interface
  Sentence starters like “I want”, and “Let’s play”
  Key fringe vocabulary like “Mom” and “ball”

  Evidence-based language content
  Interactive learning grids
  Cause and effect teaching tools
  Skeleton grids for customization

coreword 6

CoreWord 12 - More Robust Language System with the same Evidence-based Language Content
A 4x3 grid set that includes everything in CoreWord 6, with additional vocabulary, both core words and fringe words!
Supports Brown’s Stages 1 and 2

  Introduces syntactic predictability for combining words for longer messages
  Skeleton grids for customization
  Added core words including adjectives and prepositions

  Introduces the message window

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CoreWord 20 - Begin to Build Phrases & Sentences

A 5x4 grid set that includes everything provided in CoreWord 6, with the addition of the following features: 

   • Supports Brown’s Stages 1 - 4
   Predictive linking keeps the words you need at your fingertips
   Message window for phrase building
   Comments and descriptive concepts

   Emergency and medical phrases
   Visual schedule templates
   ABC/QWERTY keyboards
   Simple environmental controls

coreword 20

CoreWord 40 - Introduces Complex Language Functions

An 8x5 grid set that includes everything provided in CoreWord 20, with the addition of the following features:

   • Supports Brown’s Stages 1 - 5
   • Advanced predictive features increase efficiency
   • Wide variety of grammatical markers
   • Conjunctions and determiners

   • Robust chat folder allows for expression of common phrases at the touch of a single button
   • Accessible device controls
   • Photo viewer and music player

CoreWord 40

CoreWord 60 - Continues to Build on Complex      Language Functions

An 6x10 grid set that includes everything provided in        CoreWord 40, with the addition of the following features:

   • Supports Brown’s Stages 1 - 5
   • Advanced predictive features increase efficiency with frequently used core and fringe consistently available on each page 
   • Addition of a Social Messages page to increase access to pragmatic functions and messages
   • Small words page always available for quick access to function words such adverbs, conjunctions, and prepositions

   • Accessible device controls, Environmental Control Systems, and ABC/QWERTY keyboards

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