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ProSlate™ Series

Introducing the revolution of AAC. The iOS-based speech generating devices in our ProSlate line are the first of their kind and are capable of handling all of your communication needs by utilizing the latest and greatest of any AAC app.


Our rugged accessories and engaging color options add function and style, and with the best warranty in the industry, you will be able to enjoy your ProSlate for years to come. 

proslate 13 spk 4 yo.png

The largest device in our ProSlate series, its 13 inch screen is ideal for users who prefer larger on-screen targets. At just 3.6 pounds, makes portability easy.

ProSlate 10 Rose Gold.png

This rugged, power house device is the most popular in ProSlate series, its 10 inch screen is perfect for users who want a large selection of apps. Weighing only 2.1 pounds, transportation is still a breeze.

ProSlate 13 EE_12L_cw 40 c.png

Introducing our latest eye gaze solution for AAC users! The ProSlate ™ 13 with Enable Eyes® incorporates cutting-edge eye tracking technology while providing access to all the iPad offers, including access to various communication software apps and other user favorites such as Facebook messenger, iMessage, and many more.

Brick Red featureL_coughdrop.png

Perfect for on-the-go users. Weighing only 1.6 pounds, this device offers both a relatively large screen for communicating and the ability to go wherever their travels takes them.

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