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ProSlate 13D™

ProSlate 13 with SoundPod
ProSlate 13 with stylus
ProSlate 13 back view
ProSlate 13
ProSlate 13 side view
ProSlate 13 Lamp 120

Say hello to our biggest AAC device

Big and accessible, the ProSlate 13D offers the largest screen size in the ProSlate™ series, nearly 13 inches, while weighing only 3.6 pounds. It works best with higher density AAC apps using iOS software, and the included accessories designed for all levels of accessibility make the ProSlate 13D easy to use for everyone. Users with dexterity issues will delight in the size of the targets on the ProSlate 13.


The removable SoundPOD™ can be permanently attached to the device or worn around the neck, optional durable keyguards make selection easy, and the FlexABLE® handle gives you total control over the device's position. Available in two colors, the rugged case is all business and keeps your device protected at the same time.

Please note, due to supply chain issues, the ProSlate 13 is only available in Black at this time. 

Here is a demonstration of the ProSlate!


Available as a Dedicated Speech Generating Device (SGD) meeting the requirements of HCPCS code E2510.

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