The world's first wearable
speaker module

Now your voice output can come directly from you, not your device.  


Unlike traditional AAC speaker design, our SoundPOD can be concealed under clothing. This creates a more natural speaking experience, as communication partners will look at the AAC user instead of at the device.

The SoundPOD can be attached to the provided neck lanyard and worn, or it can be magnetically docked to the back of the device. If you do not want the SoundPOD to be removable, simply attach a fastener to create a more traditional structure.

   Provides loud audio output to make your voice heard in any situation, while maintaining clarity at all volume levels

   Easily temporarily docks to device using magnetic attachments and alignment guides, or can be permanently fastened to the device
   Wirelessly connects to device with Bluetooth technology
   High capacity lithium ion battery, so it can be used without draining power from the device
   Large, easy to access buttons for those without fine motor skills

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