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"Communicate naturally".

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The world's first wearable
speaker module

For many users, a reason to choose a Forbes AAC device hinges on the wearable SoundPOD speaker. The SoundPOD can be worn on a neck lanyard which allows the user’s voice to come directly from their person rather than the device.

Users experience the benefits of natural communication
A major point of frustration with AAC users is;

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Look at me and don’t finish my thoughts’.

Even worse, the listening partner reading or trying to finish what’s in the message window ahead the user. With the wearable SoundPOD, partners tend to look at where the sound is originating from – which is the person, not the device!

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Many users who are in other rooms or bed bound have their care giver or spouse carry their SoundPOD with them. This allows the user to communicate with them even if they are several rooms away in their homes.

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​Stay within reach.

With the SoundPOD’s long range integrated wireless connection technology, the user can stay connected with their care. The SoundPOD is a perfect solution for a classroom too!

Check out this brief demonstration of the SoundPOD works!

SoundPOD Features 
  Provides loud audio output to make your voice heard in any situation, while maintaining clarity at all volume levels

   Easily temporarily docks to device using magnetic attachments and alignment guides, or can be permanently fastened to the device
  Wirelessly connects to device with integrated wireless connection
  High capacity lithium ion battery, so it can be used without draining power from the device
  Large, easy to access buttons for those without fine motor skills

SoundPOD™ speaker
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SoundPOD™ wearable speaker module
SoundPOD™ Rear mounted
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