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CoughDrop AAC App

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CoughDrop opens your AAC account on ANY device!

Communication happens everywhere and AAC should always be there. CoughDrop makes it possible for people to use their AAC account and speak from any device.

Whether using a dedicated speech system or logging on to an iPad, tablet, smartphone, or Chromebook, CoughDrop speech boards are saved securely in the cloud and ready to go on any device. 

Even when CoughDrop teams up with a dedicated AAC device like a ProSlate or WinSlate, you aren’t locked into using your account exclusively on that device. Log in on one device at school and another at home if needed. If the primary device is forgotten or runs out of battery, just grab another device, log in and go. 

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With built-in features like modeling mode, highlighted button search, logs and reports, easy editing, translation tool, message sharing, and more CoughDrop supports not just the AAC user but the whole team surrounding the user as well. AAC supporters like therapists, parents, and teachers can link their own account to one or more communicators to quickly reach each user’s boards and data.   

While CoughDrop uses the power of the cloud to keep users connected, they won’t be  hindered if they are not linked to the internet. They can just sync their account and the device will be able to access their main speech boards wherever they go!

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Use any device, anywhere, and say anything – that’s powerful communication!

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With CoughDrop you can;

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Vocal Flair Pro 40

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Quick Core Pro 84

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Quick Core Pro 12

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CoreWord 6

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Vocal Flair Pro 60

Access AAC on just about any device

With CoughDrop you aren’t limited to one device.  Log in on a laptop, iPad, or funded communication device to reach your speech boards and settings.

CoughDrop’s in-depth reporting options track language use and modeling making it possible to easily view progress and gauge growth.

View logs and reports of communicator speech

The available translation tool makes it simple to choose words for additional languages.  Quickly communicate in multiple languages when a voice is available for that language.  

Translate speech boards into multiple languages

Easily print your board set for a light-tech option or for display.

Print communication sets for light-tech needs

Message another supervisor linked to a certain communicator, so everyone stays on the same page. Users can also email, or text connected supporters from the app when the option is enabled.

Message using the app

Run AAC evaluations to determine needs and strengths

 Use CoughDrop's evaluation tool to assess appropriate button size, image type, phonetic awareness, and more.

Experience the power of proven Forbes AAC’s devices paired with CoughDrop’s cloud-based communication technology. Learn more:

CoughDrop is now offering AAC Communication Boards! These are a perfect, inclusive addition for AAC users to help when AAC devices are not practical and can be installed in just about any public space or area.

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