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Meet the people whose lives we've changed

Our goal is to make a difference in our client's lives. Here are some real stories of how Forbes AAC devices helped change the quality of life for these users.

Taylor D.

ProSlate 4D™ user

This photo of Taylor shows her as a contestant in the Miss Amazing Pageant, a program for girls and women with disabilities that started in 2007. Her ProSlate™ AAC device was an integral part of her interview process with the judges.


Taylor has Autism and is nonverbal. She has used many types of AAC devices, but her ProSlate 4D is the first device that she has loved because of its lightweight feel and smartphone appearance. As Taylor says, "the innovative SoundPOD™ speaker is so versatile," because she can remove it from her device while playing games or just chatting, and the easily adjustable volume saves time conversing. The ProSlate 4D has helped Taylor participate in all types of social settings and everyday conversation, and her vocabulary is constantly increasing. Her mother loves when Taylor approaches her to put in new words. "The ProSlate 4D has made a huge difference in her wanting to communicate with others," her mother says.

Anthony L.

Winslate 12D with Enable Eyes™ user

In his own words, here is Anthony's story:

"Living with this disease has been a challenge, to say the least. ALS is a prison, and I felt the walls closing in as I gradually lost the ability to communicate with my family and friends. Thanks to Forbes AAC, I've broken out of that prison. Using Enable Eyes with my WinSlate 12D, I'm able to effectively communicate and stay engaged with my family and community. I can keep in touch through email and social media. I can blog, play games, and surf the web. Anything someone can do with a mouse, I can do with my eyes. The technology is amazing, and the people at Forbes have been amazing too. It's way more than a communication device, it's my link to the outside world. it's my freedom."

Carrie L.

WinSlate 12™ user

​Meet Carrie, she is an attorney in Colorado and Forbes AAC WinSlate 12 user. In a courtroom setting she utilizes TextTalker on her WinSlate. Carrie started using her AAC device a few months ago due to a progression with her disability.


She uses TextTalker on her Winslate and recently, Carrie presented an oral argument before a three judge panel of an appeals court. She mentioned "the judges were a bit unsettled with the AAC device, but eased up toward the end of the argument". Carrie's grid for the argument was based off of a Fast Talker grid, and modified with some Text Talker elements.

The good news; with Carrie's hard work and WinSlate at hand, she was pleased to share that she won on behalf of her client! Click here to see Carrie in action.

Mr. L.

Winslate 12D with Enable Eyes™ user

Mr. L. is ‘one tough customer’ - this inspiring veteran has kept his fantastic sense of humor and remained upbeat throughout his journey with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis or ALS. Mr. L. uses the Forbes AAC system made up of the WinSlate 12 with the Enable Eyes, a state-of-the-art eye tracking device with superior motion tolerance. He has been using this system since 2016.

To make full and easy use of his device, Mr. L. utilizes a custom designed wheelchair mounting system provided by Forbes AAC.

Using Mr. L.’s ability to look at the screen and blink, he ‘speaks’ with his device. He loves to joke, converse and tell stories to his care givers and loved ones with simple eye movements.

We salute you Mr. L., you are truly an inspiration!

Mr. D.

Winslate 12D with Enable Eyes™ user

Mr. D. originally hails from the great state of New Jersey, where he still has many family and friends. After he was diagnosed with ALS, Mr. D quickly lost use of his speech; he has been using the WinSlate 12 with Enable Eyes for communication since 2018.


A custom designed wheelchair mount system from Forbes AAC keeps his device in the perfect position and allows him easy access in and out for the chair.

He loves to tell jokes and always has a kind word for everyone - and in true Italian fashion, always offers you food when you visit!  Forbes AAC’s EnableEyes module allows Mr. D. to type on his device’s predictive keyboard or select pre-stored messages simply by looking at buttons on the screen. An application also pairs Mr. D.’s cell phone to the WinSlate, allowing him to call and text anyone using only his eyes!

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