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Best Warranty in the Industry

Our commitment to quality and confidence in our products is proven by our unbeatable warranty. We know that in some cases speech devices are mounted and are rarely removed, which means they are far less likely to suffer damage. However, in many cases our devices are used by young communicators with a high activity level, bringing the devices wherever they go – parks, playgrounds, school – so we make sure our ProSlate™ Series devices are built to stand up to the rigors of use (and occasional accidents).

  • Unlimited coverage on FlexABLE® Handle and Stand

  • More than DOUBLE the number of covered repairs

  • FAST turnaround with 1-week target

  • US-based unlimited LIVE tech support

  • Enjoy a FREE Trial of our CoughDrop app on your backup tablet


Our ProSlate devices are built with mobility and durability in mind. They are lightweight (1.6-3.82lbs) and the custom-engineered cases have been tested to withstand everyday use for FIVE years. We hold several patents on our design, like the FlexABLE® Handle and the SoundPOD®, so you will not find these features on any other competitor’s device.


When you choose a ProSlate 8 or 10 device, we include a five-year worry-free warranty to protect you against damages that may occur. To put this in perspective when choosing a speech-generating device, many of our competitors offer warranties with a timeline of two to three years being the most common. Also, some other manufacturers only cover repairs that are considered defects and workmanship, or they offer an add-on warranty you can purchase for additional coverage. Our ProSlate 8 and 10 devices no longer have limitations on repair types* (major or minor), so over the 5 year warranty period we will repair damage or defects that occur up to FIVE times. The only exception is if a tablet or SoundPOD is destroyed beyond repair and needs to be completely replaced.


This improvement in our warranty means no waiting for repair funding and no gap time between upgrades**. So now not only is incredible thought and care put into the engineering, design, and production of our devices to give you a well-protected device, but the warranty gives you the peace of mind that as life happens, you’re covered!

* New warranty effective for all devices purchased after July 1, 2023.

 **Insurance providers consider the useful life of any speech-generating device to be 5 years. They will not fund a replacement before that time, so if a replacement is needed and you chose a ProSlate™ 8 or 10, then you would be able to apply for a new device from your provider.

For five full years, we’ve got you covered.
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