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FlexABLE® Handle and Stand

Included with each ProSlate 10D™ and ProSlate 8D™, the patented* FlexABLE® Handle and Stand is an ergonomic innovation that solves positioning and handling issues. Unlike many other device stands, FlexABLE Handle and Stand is accessible to all ability levels, as it can be pushed or pulled into position using only gross motor movements.

Durable, stable and easy to use
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* Registered in U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

No fine dexterity needed

The FlexABLE Handle and Stand is infinitely positionable for anyone. It can be tilted forward or backward with just a closed fist or palm of the hand to prevent screen glare and improve visibility.

Deflects impact and grips to surfaces

The FlexABLE's positioning rod prevents accidental injury by absorbing energy if the AAC device is bumped or struck as the result of a spasm or involuntary movement. Open cell foam material prevents slips and slides to stay put on almost any surface, eradicating the frustration of the device moving away from you during use.

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Easy to hold and carry

The FlexABLE handle lets your device becomes an extension of yourself. When a hand is slipped between the handle and the device, the user can hold the top handle to create a securely braced position for convenient on-the-go use.

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See how the FlexABLE Handle and Stand works!

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