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Mounting Systems

Our complete line of mounting systems accommodates a variety of device mounting situations. Whether it be simply holding a device within easy reach or aligning an eye tracker precisely for optimum performance, we have a mounting solution.

Lightweight Mount 304-0100
Heavy-Duty Mount 304-0200
Lightweight wheel Mount
heavy-duty wheelchair mount
Not for use with eye tracking installations
For use with eye tracking installations
T-Rail Slot Clamps
Standard Round Clamp

Fits 7/8” or 1” round tubes. Most common clamp for manual wheelchairs

Standard Round 325-0501
T-Rail Slot Clamp 325-0561
T-Rail Slot Clamp 325-0561

For power wheelchairs that use a T-Rail slot underneath the seat. Fits both 1 & 2 slotted rails

Large Round 325-0503
Rectangular Frame Tube

Fits 1 1/8” round tubes. Less commonly used frame clamp

Side Mount 325-0570

Use when the entire tube is not accessible because of the overlying seat

Rectangular Frame Tube
wheelchair frame clamp
Standard Rectangular 325-0540

Fits rectangular tubes up to 1 3/16” wide

Large Rectangular 325-0520

Fits rectangular tubes from 1 3/16” to 2 3/4” wide

Frame Clamps for Round Chair Tubes
round wheelchair frame clamp
side mount clamp
Floor Stand (Standard)  307-0350
aac floor mount
Floor Stand (One Hand Adjustable) 307-0450
adjustable floor mount
X-Base Table Top Mount  308-0333
x base mount
Lightweight Clamp-On Mount*  308-0315
Lightweight Clamp-On Mount
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