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Forbes AAC Webinars

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Webinar posts

Our webinars are free and available to all! The purpose of these webinars is to provide free education to anyone involved with AAC.

We are always open to recommendations and ideas! Contact our Educational Program Developer at for suggestions or questions. 

Click below to schedule the most current webinar coming soon! It will take you directly to a scheduling link to join the webinar.
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The Power of Play in AAC

This webinar video addresses how play can help engage users learning to use AAC with eyegaze for language and communication development.

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The ProSlate™ Series and AAC Apps

This webinar video features our ProSlate line and using some of the more popular AAC apps.

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Ideas for AAC Implementation at Home

Learn strategies and tips on how to implement AAC at home! Great for those new to AAC and unsure where to start. 

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Pediatric AAC Assessment

This webinar video recording is an introduction to the AAC assessment process for children.  

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Exploring  Spark from Mind Express

This webinar highlights Mind Express for the WinSlate! We discussed the Spark portal including text communication, accessible apps, and eyegaze tools.  

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AAC and Core Vocabulary

This webinar video recording showcases learning more about the power of Core Vocabulary in AAC.

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Maximizing Independence Across Environments: Environmental Control Systems

We discuss how to maximize an AAC user's independence in their home and living spaces through the use of the WinSlate device and our environmental control systems.

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Introduction to CoreWord™

The CoreWord Language System provides AAC users with a powerful combination of core language, fringe vocabulary and banks of key phrases.  

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AAC Assessment Tools

More and more AAC assessment tools have become available the last several years, both free and available for purchase. See and hear a run down on what is out there in this webinar!

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Busting AAC Myths

There is no magic button when it comes to AAC! Learn more about the myths related to AAC in this webinar.

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Alternate Access and AAC

In this webinar recording, learn about alternate access methods for individuals with complex access needs. 

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FAQs for Funding and AAC!

This recording covers one of the biggest challenges in AAC, the funding process. Learn more by watching this informative webinar.

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Empowering pALS Through AAC and AT

Do you work with individuals with ALS in your clinical practice? Check out our webinar and learn how to best support pALS through the use of AAC and AT.

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AAC Intervention Strategies

In this recorded webinar, viewers can learn more about AAC intervention. The webinar will review many of the evidence-based strategies that are out there for AAC intervention to help users maximize their communication abilities.

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Introduction to Literacy and AAC

Literacy is an essential skill. It’s crucial for AAC users to develop literacy skills to fully participate in the academic setting. Learn more about literacy and AAC in this informative webinar recording!

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Adult AAC Assessment 

The AAC assessment process for the adult population can be complicated by a variety of factors. This webinar will provide an overview on adult AAC assessment for adults with both progressive and acquired disorders.

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AAC and Childhood Apraxia of Speech 

Children with CAS may have a difficult time communicating intelligibly about their basic wants and needs. AAC can be utilized as a form of communication to facilitate language development while also treating CAS to improve natural speech skills.

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Goal Writing for AAC 

Viewers can learn tips on goal writing for AAC in this webinar. This recorded webinar addresses writing for AAC treatment goals for both pediatrics and adults.

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AAC for individuals with cerebral palsy 

Individuals with cerebral palsy present with a wide range of speech and language capabilities, thus AAC needs vary from person to person. Learn more about how to support communication through AAC for individuals with cerebral palsy in this webinar recording!

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AAC and Aphasia 

In coordination with Aphasia Awareness month, this week's webinar recording is all about AAC for individuals with aphasia. Watch to learn more!

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Customization Strategies for Spark Webinar!

Spark, powered by MindExpress, for the WinSlate represents Forbes AAC’s proprietary package of communication systems, assessment supports, educational resources and access tools. Learn how to customize Spark to meet each and every AAC user’s needs in this week’s webinar recording!

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Feature-Matching in AAC Assessment

Feature-matching in AAC assessment is a crucial component of the assessment process but can be intimidating! Feature-matching is completed by looking at an individual’s skills and needs to determine the most appropriate AAC system features (ASHA, n.d.). Learn more in this recorded webinar!

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A Deep Dive into Switches!

For AAC users who utilize switches to access their AAC system, there are many factors to consider when programming the device. Learn more about switch types, scanning patterns, and more in this recorded webinar! 

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Intervention Approaches for Adolescents Who Use AAC

This recorded webinar is about adolescents who use AAC. They often demonstrate difficulties with using aided AAC to communicate effectively and have limited opportunities to develop conversational skills. At this age, the focus of AAC intervention begins to shift from the education setting to functional communication for social interactions and vocational settings.

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