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Funding Portal

Professionals and users can manage their funding activity all in one place!

Clinicians and SLPs will love it!

Simply register/login to the portal, then you will see every packet you have submitted to funding that Forbes AAC is currently working on, it’s that easy!

Submit your funding packet documents online and quickly. Download and complete relevant documents through the portal! The portal includes a note section with specific instructions for each user. 

One of the best aspects of the Funding Portal is the ability to track the step-by-step progress of each patient's funding packet as we work with the insurance providers. Not only will you see what step in the process a patient's packet is in, but all the steps required to get the device shipped! You can even chat live with your funding specialist using the portal! 

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Step 1: Create an account OR login to the funding portal (see the green button below). Be sure to use the same email for your account that is on the funding packet!  

Step 2: Submit the funding packet in the portal. 

Step 3: After 2-3 business days, check status of your packets in the funding portal. If there is missing documentation, provide the required documentation to move forward.


You can submit the funding packet to or to your ATS! 

End Users will love the Funding Portal too!

End users can verify that all the required documents for funding have been received too! And just like their team, they can see a complete overview of the steps to get their device funded as well as a status as to where they are in the process. If documents are missing, they can upload them through the portal as well.


If there are any instructions or notes pertaining to their packet, as we communicate with their insurance provider, they will see the full details when they log in making sure everyone stays up to date.

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