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PS 10 blue keyguard alt.png

Our custom keyguards are available for any of our devices*. We can make a keyguard perfect for your needs based on software selection location, ability level and motor control.


Contact our sales department for more information on keyguard possibilities.

*excludes ProSlate 4D™

Custom Keyguards

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Made with the user in mind

Our SnapLock™ Keyguard designs are based on various AAC software configurations while keeping the user's preferences and abilities in mind. Speech-language pathologists can collaborate with you to help tailor a completely customized keyboard.


Below are just a few samples of our most popular keyguard designs!

Hole Selection Guide Master Keyguard

PS10 KG For Snap Lock Drawing v3-01.png
TD Snap 5x5_web shadow.png

TD Snap 5 x 5 ProSlate 8

PS8 TC 25_shadow_web.png

TouchChat 25 Location ProSlate 8

PS10 TC 60_shadow_web.png

TouchChat 60 Location ProSlate 10

PS10 Cough Drop CoreWord 20_shadow_web.png
PS10 Cough Drop CoreWord 40_shadow_web.png

CoughDrop CoreWord 20 location ProSlate 10

CoughDrop CoreWord 40 location ProSlate 10

PS8 TC 60_shadow_web.png

TouchChat 60 Location ProSlate 8

PS10 Lamp_shadow_web.png

LAMP 84 location ProSlate 10

Check out the optional Black Keyguards now available!
We have a Keyguard Master showing several hole shapes and sizes to help design and custom keyguard .
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