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Master Keyguard

We now offer a Master Keyguard to help make the right decision for what keyguard works best for AAC device users. The Master Keyguard format helps determine the best way for making the right selections for AAC apps provided by the varied sizes, from 3/8” to 1” using square and round shapes. This can be done for almost any AAC app on the market.

Using the Master Keyguard, SLPs can determine which hole shape and size best works for their clients and the way they based on how they use their fingers or knuckles to make the word or letter selection in the AAC app and create a custom keyguard for the user and application.

The SnapLock Master Keyguard represents how we manufacture the keyguards based on our specifications and standards while providing an exact match to the AAC application. They are super thick, showing the magnetic locking system and rounded edges for comfort needed for using the devices for extended periods of time. The Master Keyguard demonstrates that they are heavy-duty and virtually indestructible and ready for real-world situations.

Contact Inside Sales at to acquire a SnapLock Master Keyguard to help your clients make the right choice for their application.

PS10 KG For Snap Lock Drawing v3-01.png
PS 10 pink master keyguard.png

Master Keyguard format schematic

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The Master Keyguard format also comes in black!

Take a look at some of the keyguards we have manufactured for these AAC apps.
Check out the optional Black Keyguards now available!
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