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Entertainment and Games

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Time for a little fun with Spark!

Entertainment and Games is a large selection of familiar game and challenge pagesets for all ages and interests. These page sets were designed for optimal access method assessment and training in a motivating and engaging way.

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With the WinSlate using Spark, users can be the first to guess the full locations of all their opponent’s ships and sink the fleet.



Users can try to beat the bank by getting more points without exceeding 21 points with this grid set.

four in a row.PNG

4 in a Row

Spark users can play 4 in a row against the computer.

word games.PNG

Word Games

Spark users can play this educational game, all while exercising their vocabulary, spelling, alphabetic awareness, and more, from a predefined vocabulary bases. They can introduce their own vocabulary categories by clicking on the small icon in the lower right corner.

tic tac toe.PNG

Tic Tac Toe

Users can play the age old game of Tic Tac Toe utilizing this Spark pageset.

falling blocks.PNG

Falling Blocks

WInSlate users can rotate and move the colored cubes so that they form a complete row at the bottom of the field. When a row is complete, it disappears from the screen.



Play the well-known game Mastermind with this Spark pageset. Users can try crack the color combination within the given time in this exciting game.



Users try to identify as quickly as possible all cells that don't contain a mine in this fun game.



Reconstruct the picture by thinking logically using the WinSlate and Spark! The numbers above and next to the diagram indicate how many cells users have to color in that row or column.



In this strategic game users with their WinSlates try to catch the opponent by placing disks on the game board.

rock paper scissors.PNG

Rock Paper Scissors

Scissors beat paper. Paper beats stone. Stone beats scissors. But winning is not that simple. A bit of strategy helps with this game.

roll a die.PNG

Roll a Dice

This pageset lets WinSlate user roll a dice using almost every access method.

simon says.PNG

Simon Says

This pageset users can follow the pattern of light and sound and repeat the same combination to reach the next level.

slide puzzle.PNG

Slide Puzzle

WinSlate users with Spark can move the pieces to complete the puzzle.



Fill in the missing numbers in order to have the numbers 1 to 9 in every row and column, without having the same number twice.

roll two dice.PNG

Roll Two Dice

This pageset help users sharpen their dice skills.

word search.PNG

Word Search

Users can search out hidden words from the clue list in the letters field and once they are found, they highlight the first and last letters to "find" the word.

tarheel reader.PNG

TarHeel Reader

The Tar Heel Reader, a collection of free, easy-to-read, and accessible books on a wide range of topics for Spark users. Each book can be speech enabled and accessed using multiple interfaces, using their WinSlate. Users can search for almost any topic, like; Alphabet, Animals and Nature, Art and Music, Biographies, Fairy and Folk Tales, Fiction, Foods, Health.

tarheel reader game play.PNG

TarHeel Game Play

Tar Heel Gameplay, is a collection of free, easy-to-play, and accessible games. Each game is speech enabled and may be accessed using multiple interfaces using the WinSlate. Users may create your own games using videos from the huge collection at YouTube.

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