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To request a quote, please select from the devices listed below and one of our sales representatives will be happy to assist you.

Be sure to download the forms so you can access the drop-down fields and type directly into the other active fields. Simply clicking on links will likely open them in a web browser but does not allow you to access the drop downs, type into the fields or save the file.


Open the downloaded forms in Adobe Reader. If you do not have adobe reader, you can download and install Adobe Reader here.


After you have completed the Quote Request Form, save it to a place of your choosing and return it to your ATS or Inside Sales or the email below.

ProSlate™ Quote Request Form

Customize your ProSlate by selecting a color, AAC app, keyguard and other accessory options. Select this form if you would like a quote for a ProSlate 4D™, ProSlate 8D™, ProSlate 10D™ or ProSlate 13D™.

Rose Gold PS10 34_sfy.png

WinSlate™ Quote Request Form

Our WinSlate devices offer the option of an eye tracker and many other accessory and mounting options. Select this form if you would like a quote for a WinSlate 12D™, WinSlate 12D Enable Eyes™ or WinSlate for Kids™.

WinSlate Adapta_front_eyetracker_screena

Forms can be submitted by email to or by fax 419.589.5146