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Interactive Learning Activities

Evaluate ability and progress

These resources were designed to help evaluate a user’s ability to accurately activate targets of various sizes on the screen. Additional assessment tools such as the Eye gaze Monitor provide feedback to optimize positioning for eye gaze access.

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maxime eyes.PNG


MaximEyes is a set of Mind Express activities that engage and motivate the users as they discover eye interaction. It teaches users how to focus on a single target, to choose between multiple targets, and build up skills in selecting moving objects. Users just look at the screen and see what’s happening. They can tickle the penguins to make them laugh, grow flowers with their eyes, or look what’s hiding beneath the pile of leaves. A heat map can be created and show the areas that were focused on. Users can learn and train to keep their gaze focused on one object to trigger the action. Starting with easy and intuitive activities and evolve towards more challenging exercises. Users can take a picture, shear a sheep, shrink the space monsters, or blow out a candle! Multiple targets are available, they just need to choose the right target! The user can focus, but now the challenge is to make the right choice. These activities will further develop and train your eye tracking skills. With Moving targets they can become an expert in eye tracking with the Moving targets activities. Simply hold their concentration and reposition their gaze while a lot is going on and moving on the screen. They can avoid being eaten by the shark, catch the apples and keep the planet safe from the space monsters.

eye gaze accuracy.PNG

Eye Gaze Accuracy Test

This pageset was designed to evaluate a user’s ability to activate bullseye targets of various sizes on the screen. Choose from grids containing 6, 12, 20, 30, 42 or 60 cells.

fart monster.PNG

Fart Monster

This activity, designed for users who are learning eye gaze, is fun for all ages! Watch any user and see! Using large targets. this 'no-error' or no mistake exercise entertains individuals while helping them understand how successful eye tracking is done.

knock down cans.PNG

Knock down the Cans

There are never any mistakes with this eye gaze activity, only fun, including noises. New users can knock down targets and entertain themselves all while learning the how to work with eye tracking.

inter learn large targets.PNG

Interactive Learning - Large Targets

Spark users using this collection of interactive large target games that optimized for eye gaze control and learning. The play buttons have been made as big as possible and rest cell added to all pages to ensure success and encourage further eye gaze use and interaction.

dashboard settings.PNG


With this dashboard file, the Spark user is really in charge. They can customize settings such as voice and volume, view battery level and date/time, and turn off the speech device.

winslate videos for kids.PNG

WinSlate Videos for Kids

Gives kids quick access to videos like Elmo, Peppa Pig, Glee, and iCarly. This pageset is a wonderful motivator for children learning to use their WinSlate, or as a reward after a long therapy session. Video links can be customized for each user, and video player allows the user to play or pause and turn volume up or down.

winslate shows.PNG

WinSlate Shows

This grid set was designed to assess a user’s ability to find a specific symbol in a field of 2, 4, 8, or 15 cells. A great tool to use during targeting and direction-following activities!

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