Accessible Apps

Connect any way you want

These powerful apps provide options for communication and entertainment* for any access method. Larger on-screen targets and accessible toolbars make it easier than ever to enjoy Facebook, Twitter, Skype and other communication platforms like YouTube, SMS messaging and email.

*Requires Feature Unlock Key (sold separately)

Accessible Apps enable users to

  • Communicate in a multitude of ways, from social media platforms to Skype

  • Access the web and key entertainment platforms

  • Text and email using Grid 3’s seamless interface


This grid set makes the world’s most popular social network accessible to AAC users. Those using any access method can quickly and easily update their Facebook status, “like” a friend’s post, chat with friends on Messenger, and more.


This app provides access to Twitter, allowing users to stay in touch with friends, keep up with current events and speak to the world (in 140 characters or less, of course.)

Skype Computer Control

Stay connected face-to-face with the Skype Computer Control app. The toolbar allows users to access Skype’s free video and voice calling capabilities, as well as instant messaging. Skype can run concurrently with Grid 3, making it easy for users to communicate on a call using any grid set.

 *Requires Feature Unlock Key (sold separately)

Web Browser

An accessible web browser that provides all the tools you need to navigate the Internet. Includes easy access to bookmarks, on-screen links, scroll and zoom tools, and much more.


Users can quickly search, browse and play millions of videos from YouTube.

YouTube 1-Cell Player

A simplified YouTube player to allow easy access to a single favorite video. This grid set’s video link is easily customizable, or the entire grid set can be copied to create a YouTube library.

Simple SMS

This simplified SMS app allows individuals to send and receive symbolized SMS messages when connected via Bluetooth with any Android phone. This grid set supports the use of pre-stored symbolized sentences, with an onscreen keyboard for novel message creation.


This fully featured SMS app is designed to allow a WinSlate user to connect via Bluetooth with any Android phone in order to send and receive text messages. Users can send, receive and reply to messages, with the option to speak incoming messages aloud.

Simple Email

This simplified email app allows users to send and receive symbolized emails.  Picture symbol support is used to aid comprehension of both incoming and outgoing messages. Users can create new emails using pre-stored phrases and sentences or the app’s onscreen keyboard. This grid set also allows the user to attach photos to outgoing emails and speak the content of an email aloud.


This fully featured email app allows users to receive, send and create emails using an onscreen keyboard and a suite of email tools. Capabilities include saving email attachments, adding and editing contacts and printing incoming and outgoing messages.

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