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Funding Resources

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Forbes AAC Quick Guide to Billing
This report writing guide covers a narrative style report, addressing all of the elements required in a comprehensive speech evaluation. Use as a guide to writing your AAC speech evaluation reports. A comprehensive AAC evaluation is a required element in the funding process.
Forbes AAC Funding Checklist
This checklist is a great resource for clinicians to have while they are completing the assessment process! Use this to keep track of the required documentation for a funding packet.
Forbes AAC Funding Process
Learn more about the funding process for a speech-generating device. Take a look at this resource that offers a brief, easy-to-understand snapshot of the funding process.
Getting a Device Overview
There are the steps to getting a speech generating device. This chart provides a visual overview of the step-by-step process!
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1-2-3 Steps for the Forbes AAC Funding Process
Use this simple guide for the most up-to-date methods of the funding process.
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