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AAC Resources from Forbes AAC

Adult Resources

Working with the adult population? We've got you covered from low-tech to high-tech AAC resources. 
Winslate set up checklist image.png
WinSlate Set-Up Checklist
Use this when setting up an adult AAC user with the WinSlate.
Low Tech Medical Keyboard
Use this link to get a download a low-tech AAC Board. Low Tech AAC Boards are great option for when high-tech AAC isn't readily available. 
Low Tech_laminate card.png
Alt Access ALS sheet_web image.png
Alternative Access Methods for ALS
For many of our WinSlate users, alternate access is important for maximizing independence. As a user’s access needs change, there are additional access options. Check out this resource on alternate access! 
ALS Resource
Learn more about best practice for AAC assessment and intervention when working with the ALS population in this resource from Forbes AAC!
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