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AAC Resources from Forbes AAC

Assessment Resources

These resources aim to guide clinicians through the AAC assessment process.
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ProSlate vs iPad Justification
The ProSlate vs iPad Justification document is a valuable tool in the form of an Appeal Letter. It highlights the differences between the two with the structures and full details. Use this to make a case for your client if confronted by this type of denial. It is available to our members and can be downloaded once you have been approved.
Evaluation Report Template
Forbes AAC has developed this comprehensive, fillable, speech evaluation template covers required reporting elements point by point. Use as is or as a template for your own speech evaluation report. A comprehensive AAC evaluation is a required element in the funding process. Download this valuable tool by clicking on the image, it can be saved as a Word document.
Evaluation Report Templ_cover 11 22.png
Evaluation Report Writing Guide
This report writing guide covers a narrative style report, addressing all of the elements required in a comprehensive speech evaluation. Use as a guide to writing your AAC speech evaluation reports. A comprehensive AAC evaluation is a required element in the funding process.
Speech Evaluation Report Writing Guide.p

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ProSlate vs iPad Comparison
Use ProSlate vs iPad Comparison document for a true head-to-head consideration between an iPad and the ProSlate. There are several relevant points between the two and this tool gives in-depth insight into the significant features and true advantages of the ProSlate speech generating device. 
AAC App Feature Comparison 2020
This  link will take you to a comprehensive Google Spreadsheet that shows an in-depth comparison of AAC apps.
feature match general.PNG
feature match chart.PNG
Feature-Matching Handout
Feature-matching in AAC assessment is an important component when identifying the most effective and efficient AAC system for AAC users. Learn more about feature-matching in this handout!
Feature-Matching Chart
This feature-matching chart was created to aid clinicians in the AAC assessment process. Download it here!
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