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Infrared Toys

Play with toys on the WinSlate!

Spark helps users  with remote control page sets for a variety of toys! Children can learn to use their speech generating device to acquire language through natural and motivating experiences and there’s nothing more natural and motivating to a child than PLAY! These pagesets provide tons of opportunities for language input during play (models language with action every activation). They allow user to engage with their environment for increased language opportunities and engagement of peers/communication partners.

spark infrared toys.png
wall car.PNG

Wizard Wall Car

Users can utilize this pageset with the IR controlled Wizard Wall climbing car. Then, use the talk about it button to explore language related to the activity.

discovery kids triceratops.PNG

Discovery Kids Triceratops

Everyone loves a dinosaur. Especially the triceratops. With the WinSlate and Spark, this pageset can be used to play with the IR controlled dinosaur - make it walk and roar, etc. Then, using the talk about it button to explore language related to the activity they can initiate conversation.

biranco smart puppy.PNG

Biranco Smart Puppy

This pageset allows users to play with the Biranco Smart Puppy with a series of commands! The puppy can dance, sit, turn various directions all at the user's direction.

robot pets unicorn.PNG

Robo Pets Unicorn

With this pageset, the IR controlled Pink Unicorn toy can do several fun commands and then, use the WinSlate to talk about it button to explore language related to the Unicorn activity.

threeking robot.PNG

Three King Robot

The WinSlate, using Spark can make the Threeking Robot dance, slide. go right and left and other fun moves. Like the other IR toys, users can have a conversation about the fun using the talk about it button.

cargooy rc robot.PNG

Cargooy RC Robot

This Spark pageset has all the things users need to do almost any robot moves they can think of, dance, turn, go forward or back and even use the machine voice!

after the fun, users are encouraged to talk about their fun play!

cargooy rc robot.PNG

Zoom Tube Car Trax

Cars shooting down the track is big fun! The Zoom Cars are controlled by the users and in a tube! Users have a bunch of commands and then can talk about the fun after this activity and play.

infrared toys bundle.PNG

Infrared Toys Bundle

This bundle has pagesets designed to function as the remote control to a variety of infrared toys allowing our users of all abilities to control toys in their environment! Each pageset corresponds with a toy available in our Language Development Kit. In addition, the pagesets are designed to work with all access methods including touch, eye tracking, switch scanning and more.

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