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Symbol Based Grids

Symbol support for all

Support for users who benefit from the use of picture symbols on their communication pages.


Our pagesets support all levels of communication, and options include Symbol Talker A/B/C/D, Vocabulary For Life, Beeline, Symbol Links 4/8/12/20/30 and WordPower 100. See full descriptions below.

Benefits of Picture Symbols

  • Provide essential support for those without advanced literacy skills

  • Enable users to find their words quickly and easily

  • Make communication grids more concrete and understandable

symbol talker folder.PNG
Symbol Talker A.JPG

Symbol Talker A

The first in the Symbol Talker progression, Symbol Talker A features an 18-cell main grid. This pageset emphasizes topic-based language (school, home, therapy) and pragmatic functions (e.g., asking questions; providing opinions). “Quick Talk” allows for rapid communication of important messages, and starter phrases are incorporated into topic pages to encourage sentence construction.

symbol talker b.PNG

Symbol Talker B

This second stage of the Symbol Talker series features a 28-cell main page, providing a wider range of topics than Symbol Talker A. This gridset continues to focus on topic-based language and pragmatic functions while introducing more core words, including pronouns and conjunctions.

symbol talker c.PNG

Symbol Talker C

With its 40-cell main grid, Symbol Talker C provides a transition for people who have successfully communicated with a topic-based vocabulary and are ready to use more advanced language tools. In this gridset, users can access core vocabulary on both the home and topic grids to create novel sentences as quickly as possible.

symbol talker d.PNG

Symbol Talker D

This grid set features a 54-cell main grid which strongly supports core vocabulary. This means that individuals can generate novel sentences very quickly, and they only need to visit topic pages to find less common words. The smart grammar tools in Grid 3 help users generate grammatically correct sentences with fewer selections, and word prediction maximizes the speed of communication.



This gridset was designed for users wishing to make their own sentences word by word. Beeline’s 88-cell main grid offers a large vocabulary that is focused on core words and essential phrases. The vast majority of Beeline’s vocabulary can be accessed in 1-2 cell selections, making communication incredibly efficient. Smart grammar and word prediction tools make it easier than ever for communicators to quickly generate complex messages.

vocab for life.jpg

Vocabulary for Life

The Vocabulary for Life grid set offers a unique combination of category-based vocabulary (e.g., meals, actions) and context-specific messages. These pre-stored messages enable users to quickly communicate important thoughts during routines such as medical appointments, going to the bank and eating out. Designed for teens and adults, Vocabulary for Life includes keyboard support for spelling as well as support for a variety of communication options like email and texting.

Symbol Links 4.JPG

Symbol Links 4

Symbol Links 4 features four cells per page, providing rapid message selection for basic communication needs like people’s names, personal information, quick phrases and requests for help. This is a great starter pageset for users who are new to AAC.

symbol links 8.PNG

Symbol Links 8

This pageset features eight cells per page and supports language functions including making requests, providing personal information, greeting others, and asking questions. The organization of Symbol Links 8 allows for easy customization and addition of personalized vocabulary.

symbol links 12.JPG

Symbol Links 12

Symbol Links 12 builds upon previous levels of the Symbol Links series, incorporating an even wider variety of vocabulary categories and context-specific messages. These include phrases and sentences related to community outings, work and school routines, with a keyboard for literacy support.

symbol links 20.PNG

Symbol Links 20

This twenty cell layout provides continued support for those wishing to use a combination of context-specific phrases and categorically organized vocabulary. This level also incorporates essential quick-fire phrases on the main page ("yes”, “no”, “I need help”), and includes a keyboard for spelling and literacy support. Symbol Links 20 enables user to quickly communicate in many environments about a wide variety of topics

symbol links 30.PNG

Symbol Links 30

Symbol Links 30 is the most comprehensive pageset in the Symbol Links series. Topics include community outings, hobbies, work and school. Categorically organized vocabulary (feelings, body parts, descriptive concepts) supports expression of wants and needs in a wide variety of environments. This grid set’s main page includes several essential quick-fire phrases to maximize the speed of communication.

word power 100.PNG

WordPower 100

WordPower 100 by Nancy Inman combines the features of core vocabulary, spelling and word prediction.  Complex sentences can be generated quickly and efficiently using core words, suggested next words, smart grammar and dynamically linked pages. Accessible apps pages are included for email, text, environmental control, and more. This pageset is designed for individuals with at least some literacy who are able to access pages with a large number of cells.

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