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Education and Literacy

Reading is the  foundation to literacy

This series supports literacy and learning with accessible books for young readers. Shared Reading Books encourage conversation during book reading, while Story Grids encourage users to compose stories independently.  Adapted worksheets and e-book templates enable teams to adapt educational materials for students of all ages.

Benefits of Education & Literacy grid sets

  • Encourage shared experiences centered around reading

  • Adapt materials for learners using AAC and a wide variety of access methods

  • Allow for greater participation in classroom and educational activities

Education and literacy

Curious George Gets a Talker

Listen along as George gets a new talker and, with the help of his friends, learns to use it! This beautifully simple grid set reads the book’s text aloud and enables the user to independently turn each page.

We're Going On a Bear Hunt

This grid set allows symbol users to write their own version of We're Going on a Bear Hunt, which can then be printed out or saved for later use.

Spot Goes to the Farm

AAC users come along with Spot as he searches for new babies among the farm animals, each of which greets him with its own distinctive noise. This adapted book allows the user to read text aloud and independently turn each page. 

Snow White

This grid set presents an accessible version of Snow White, Disney's first animated feature. Users can read the text aloud and turn each page independently.

Come In

This symbolized version of the book Come In presents the text on each page in combination with picture symbols to aid reading comprehension. Users can independently turn each page and read text aloud for full participation. This grid set also contains additional resources to support comprehension, including a Review section, Story Checker and Book Quiz.


This grid set presents an accessible version of Disney’s beloved Cinderella. Users can read the text aloud and turn each page independently.

Shared Reading Books

This grid set was designed to enable users to participate in reading children’s classics, including The Very Hungry Caterpillar; Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What do you Hear; The Gruffalo; and Dear Zoo. After a book is chosen from the accessible “shelf”, subsequent grids allow the user to access story-specific vocabulary, comment and ask questions, provide the repeated line of the book and direct the activity independently. 

Sample eBook Template

A wonderful tool for book lovers, this grid set allows for on-the-fly creation of accessible books and stories.  On-screen directions explain how to take pictures of each page and insert text.  Once complete, each eBook allows the user to read text aloud and turn each page independently.  

Story Grid

This grid set allows users to tell their own amazing stories by selecting combinations of on-screen choices. The possibilities are endless with this hilarious and creative grid set, and at the end of each story the user can read their creation aloud or start over again.

Adapted Worksheets

The Adapted Worksheets grid set allows for worksheets to be quickly loaded via the device's camera. It supports primarily multiple-choice and fill-in-the-blank formats and allows the user to save multiple lists of answers. Users also have quick access to handy phrases including “I don’t know” and “I’m finished,” making it easier than ever to complete schoolwork and communicate with support staff.

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