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Computer Access and Extras

Access your world

This group of grid sets contains essential tools for computer access, making it easier than ever for users to access everything that Windows has to offer.  Features include environmental controls*, music and video players, camera, photo album, and an adapted word processor.

*Requires Feature Unlock Key (sold separately)

Special Features

  • Provides independent access to entertainment, environmental control and education/employment tools

  • Facilitates computer access for all access methods

  • Contains motivational tools for those still learning to use their WinSlate

Computer Access and Extras


This simple grid set presents an analog clock with an option to speak the time aloud for easy and convenient time-keeping.


The Camera grid set allows users to independently take photos using the WinSlate’s high-resolution camera. Photos can then be viewed in album or slideshow format, making it easier than ever to share news and capture memories.

WinSlate™ Videos for Kids

Gives kids quick access to videos like Elmo, Peppa Pig, Glee, and iCarly. This grid set is a wonderful motivator for children learning to use their WinSlate, or as a reward after a long therapy session. Video links can be customized for each user, and video player allows the user to play or pause and turn volume up or down.

Music and Video

This grid set allows WinSlate users to browse their media libraries and play their favorite music and videos.


This adapted word processor allows users to create, save, edit and print documents. Larger on-screen buttons make it quick and easy to complete schoolwork, write speeches and letters, keep to-do lists, and more.

Microsoft Access Tools

This grid set uses onscreen toolbars to allow full access to Microsoft Office* programs, including Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Users can utilize any access method to generate and edit documents, build spreadsheets and create presentations.

*Requires Feature Unlock Key (sold separately). User responsible for Microsoft Office download or subscription.

Simple ECU

This simplified Environmental Control* grid set provides access to television(s) via infrared transmitter, as well as lights and fans via Z-wave transmitter. On-screen alarm allows the user to quickly summon help.

*Requires Feature Unlock Key (sold separately), as well as specified transmitters

Computer Control for Switches

This grid set allows switch users to take complete control of all programs on their WinSlate™. A radar mouse provides accurate clicking on any target, and mouse emulation includes left, right and double clicks and a drag function. Additional functions include an onscreen keyboard with word prediction, Windows commands and the ability to launch favorite programs with the click of a single button. 

Computer Control

With this Computer Control grid set, eyegaze and headmouse users can take complete control of Windows and other software. A Zoom-to-Click feature provides accurate clicking on any target (especially helpful for eyegaze users). Other functionalities include drag, scroll and click tools, window docking and access method settings.


This grid set lets AAC users take complete control of their environment*, including television and cable (via infrared transmitter), phone (via Bluetooth), and lights and fans (via Z-wave transmitter).

*Requires Feature Unlock Key (sold separately), as well as specified transmitters

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