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Text Communications

Communication your way

This subset of the WinSlate Dashboard™ offers several options for users with more advanced literacy skills. Fast Talker 3 variations include symbolized and non-symbolized versions, as well as additional supports for students. Text Talker offers a simple, streamlined interface for text-to-speech communication.  See full descriptions below.

Benefits of Text-Based Grids

  • All-in-one gridsets allow for face to face communication, email, SMS messaging and more

  • Use of on-screen keyboards, word prediction and Chat History gets users communicating right away

  • Accessible tools and Word Lists enable users to modify their own messages as quickly as possible

text communication folder.PNG
Fast Talker 8 Loc.jpg

Fast Talker 8 Location

A powerful communication and computer access solution for literate users, Fast Talker includes apps for text communication, instant messages, SMS, email, Facebook, Twitter and much more. Fast Talker variations also provide tools for Environment Control and full access to Windows using our computer control features. The 8 Location variation of Fast Talker offers eight selections on the home screen, making it easy for users to access key features like the chat keyboard, email inbox, social media and phone controls.

Fast Talker 20 Loc.jpg

Fast Talker 20 Location

Features 20 selections on the home screen, which include access to Skype for video calls and a Voice Recordings grid for message banking.

Fast Talker 3 sym.jpg

Fast Talker 3 Symbolized

This symbolized version of Fast Talker includes the support of picture symbols in the Chat Keyboard, word prediction cells and the Messages app. This option is perfect for users who prefer a text-based pageset but benefit from picture support.

Fast Talker 3 edu.jpg

Fast Talker 3 Educational

This adapted version of Fast Talker 3 includes an Educational section with grids devoted to particular educational subjects. Easily customizable to enable all students to participate independently in their studies.

text talker.PNG

Text Talker

Text Talker is a streamlined communication system for literate users. It includes a simple keyboard interface with word prediction and ready-made banks of instant messages. Text Talker was developed for use with the iOS Grid Player app and includes a “copy to clipboard” function for simple integration with Facebook, Twitter and other apps.

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