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AAC Resources from Forbes AAC

WinSlate and Spark Resources

Get the AAC fire started with Spark!
Spark, powered by MindExpress, for the WinSlate represents Forbes AAC's proprietary package of communication systems, assessment supports, educational resources, and access tools.

These resources are designed to help anyone that is using Spark! 
spark logo_FINAL-01.png
Spark Quick Start Guide
spark quick start guide.JPG
Spark Remote Editing - Clinician
Spark remote edit_snip.JPG
How to power the WinSlate on/off:
turn on off screen cap A.JPG
Spark vs Grid Comparison
spark vs grid art compare.png
Spark Remote Editing - User
Spark remote edit user_snip.JPG
How to adjust dwell for eye gaze users:
adjust dwell screen cap.JPG
Spark - How to set up your phone
set up phone winslate_spark.PNG
Spark - How to save message
save messg screen cap A.JPG
How to calibrate for eye tracking for eye gaze users:
calibrate screen cap A.JPG
How to Keep Your WinSlate Running at its Best!
how to keep your winslate running.PNG
Opening Kinka Games from Spark
opening games kinka.PNG
Spark/Mind Express User Manual
jabbla cover_scrn cap.PNG
WinSlate for Kids Spanish product information
WSFK Spanish_snip.PNG
How to create a profile in Kinka
kinka create a profile.PNG
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