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WinSlate 11D™

Winslate 11D CoreWord 20
Winslate 11D
Winslate 11D
Winslate 11D CoreWord 6
Winslate 11 Fast Talker Chat
Winslate 11D
Winslate 11D CoreWord 40
Winslate 11D Word Power 20
Winslate 11D and SoundPOD
Sleek, portable, capable 

The most streamlined and lightweight device in the WinSlate™ series, the WinSlate 11D has a 10.8" display and weighs only 3.2 pounds.  Incredibly easy to transport, the WinSlate 11D is ideal for clients whose vision and access method allow for use of a smaller screen. Access method options include, but are not limited to, direct access with or without custom keyguards, optical or gyroscopic headmouse, switch scanning or eye tracking.


Our proprietary WinSlate Dashboard™ and CoreWord™ language systems support communication at all levels, from expression of basic wants and needs to the use of powerful text-to-speech engines. Forbes AAC’s patented FlexABLE®  Handle and Stand and SoundPOD™ wearable speaker make it easier than ever for WinSlate 11D users to communicate anytime, anywhere.


Available as a Dedicated Speech Generating Device (SGD) meeting the requirements of

HCPCS code E2510.

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