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AAC in the Cloud 2023: The Power of One

Summer is upon us! Do you know what that means?!

The AAC in the Cloud conference is quickly approaching! AAC in the Cloud will be on June 20-21, 2023.

This year, AAC in the Cloud celebrates seven years of enhancing the communication and inclusion experiences of those with complex communication needs. We bring the AAC community together every summer to talk about all things AAC and share experiences, tools, and strategies to provide those with complex communication needs the ability to autonomously communicate and be active and engaged members of society.

The theme for AAC in the Cloud 2023 is The Power of One. It only takes ONE person to see the potential or ONE strategy in an individual with complex communication needs to change their life forever for the better. That person could be YOU or YOU could implement that ONE strategy!

Whether you are a professional, clinician (CEUs are available!), teacher, school support staff member, parent, family member, or use AAC yourself, we have sessions where you will be empowered with tools and strategies to make a difference in the lives of individuals with complex communication needs!

Here are a few ways to start planning your AAC in the Cloud experience and start your journey to becoming the ONE who changes a life TODAY.

Get YOUR ticket for AAC in the Cloud 2023

There’s still time to save your spot at AAC in the Cloud 2023! Get your ticket at eventbrite AAC in the Cloud Tickets.

Get all the latest details and information about AAC in the Cloud

Want to get frequently asked questions answered, or view past conference sessions?

Visit our website at

Plan your AAC in the Cloud 2023 experience

Want to plan ahead and create your own conference schedule with sessions you would like to catch live?

Get the AAC in the Cloud 2023 at AAC in the Cloud Schedule 2023.

Don’t worry, you will be able to watch sessions that you missed on YouTube after the conclusion of the conference.

Get social at AAC in the Cloud 2023

Follow AAC in the Cloud on Facebook at AAC in the Cloud Facebook Page and join the AAC in the Cloud Slack channels at AAC in the Cloud Slack Channels.

We are looking forward to a great conference and hope to see you there!

Hannah Foley, B.A. is the Content Creator at Forbes AAC. She has over four years of experience in AAC education and implementation, in addition to over 24 years of personal experience using AAC and AT tools to navigate society as someone who has a (dis)ability. Hannah is dedicated to providing quality training and implementation resources to support teams to facilitate the integration of AAC into all of life's activities to maximize the communicative skill development and meaningful engagement of those who use AAC.

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