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Access the power of voice

AAC devices and accessories that foster communication and independence.

Powerful iOS speech-generating devices for use with any app.

Windows-based speech-generating device compatible with eye tracking and switch access.

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Find an Assistive Technology Specialist in your area.

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Access Forbes AAC implementation resources and trainings, including ASHA CEUs.

Our Products

Our extensive line of devices and accessories is sure to fulfill your AAC needs. Multiple accessibility options, sizes and operating systems make customization easy, because a communication style is as unique as the user.

Speech Generating Devices

A revolutionary line of AAC devices that use Apple’s iOS operating system, backed by our unbeatable warranties and exclusive add-ons.

ProSlate™ Series

Our Windows-integrated WinSlate devices can be accessed by eye tracking, gyroscopic head mouse and switch scanning.

WinSlate™ Series

The Lightwriter SL50 is a text-to-speech device designed for literate users who are unable to communicate effectively through speech.

Lightwriter SL50

Language Software & Apps

The CoughDrop app is device-agnostic and web-based. Learn more here.

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CoughDrop AAC App

AAC Now! Practitioner cards give full access to CoughDrop and Forbes AAC's Premium Boards – Cost is no longer a barrier - AAC Now! is free for practitioners*

AAC Now!

CoreWord Language System ensures maximum efficiency by predicting the most likely next words to maintain natural speech.



It includes Text Communications, Accessible Apps for staying in touch and being connected, several education resources and entertainment pagesets.

Spark™ for WinSlate


From lightweight to heavy-duty, we carry a complete line of mounting systems to accommodate any of our devices.

Mounting Options

The XNTDR™ wheelchair mount battery pack provides WinSlate users with incredible continuous run times without adding any bulk or weight to the sleek device.

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XTNDR Battery

With our Environmental Control Systems, users can control almost every aspect of their homes.

Environmental Control Systems

The SnapLock Keyguards help with touch access and with their rigid attachment system, they are ready for any challenging scenario.

SnapLock™ Keyguard

Try a Device

Our Assistive Technology Specialists are available to perform group demonstrations, trainings and assist with evaluations. We also have a fully stocked Device Loan Library!

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AAC Now!

AAC Now! means immediate access to AAC!

CoughDrop and Forbes AAC have joined forces to create immediate and barrier free access to AAC. Practitioners and Communicators can now access clinically developed boards on any tablet, PC or smartphone - without having to wait for funding.

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About Us

We are a collaborative team of engineers, speech-language pathologists, assistive technology specialists, and funding experts to assist people to overcome challenges through innovation and technology.

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User Stories

Read real stories of how Forbes AAC devices helped change the quality of life for these users.
Winslate 12D with Enable Eyes™ user - Mr. L.

Learn about Mr. L. and his journey with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis or ALS.

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WinSlate with Enable Eyes™ user - Natalee D.

Natalee was a perfect candidate for the WinSlate with the EnableEyes eye tracking module!

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Find a representative in your area!

We utilize a network of distributors, dealers and direct representatives to service our customers around the country. Use our interactive map below to find a specialist dedicated to your local area.  

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Earn CEUs with Ignite!

Resources and information for everything AAC!

The Forbes AAC Education area is a platform created to provide information, resources, and trainings for speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, clinicians, and educators, as well as parents and caregivers.

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