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Personify™ Voice Recording System

Create your vocal legacy

Think of a friend or loved one. When you do, you can probably imagine them saying certain things a certain way — expressions that only they say. These are known as legacy messages that uniquely express an individual's personality.

Many people with progressive disorders such as Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) lose their voice as their condition progresses. When that time comes, they use speech-generating devices to communicate their wants and needs. While synthesized voices do a great job of creating speech, they cannot recreate the unique sounds and intonations of the individual.

With the Personify Voice Recording System, people with progressive disorders are able to record their legacy messages while they are still verbal and later use them with their speech generating device. Voice recordings are saved, trimmed, labeled and organized into folders right on the Personify Recorder, where they are also backed up to a cloud server. When needed, our experts will integrate the recordings onto a Forbes AAC speech generating device for access via touch screen, switch scanning, head mouse or eye tracking.

Personify Voice Recording System
personify voice guide

Personify Hardware and Software
   Portable touch screen voice recorder
   Hands-free headset to reduce fatigue
   Noise reduction microphone

   Record and play back WAV files
   Trim audio files using touch screen
   Cloud backup of recordings

   Label and rename recordings
   Organize messages into folders and subfolders
   Contains pre-programmed category suggestions


AAC Device Integration Service by Forbes AAC
   Complete integration of your recorded messages onto your Forbes AAC device
   Includes creation of a custom gridset with an organizational structure that mirrors your Personify recordings

Three Essential Components of Personify
Recording Guide
   Introduces legacy messages and their importance
   Provides detailed instructions on how to obtain the best recordings
   Contains thought-provoking exercises to identify important messages
   Provides a sample set of categories to organize your recordings

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