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Meet Your Dedicated Team 

At Forbes AAC, we recognize the value of having individual points of contact while working through the process of procuring an AAC device. We believe it is critical to connect you with a team that specializes in your local region. For this reason, we have teams of Assistive Technology Specialists and Funding Coordinators to manage specific geographic regions of the country. 

Jessica Zon, M.A., CCC-SLP - Assistive Technology Specialist

Jessica grew up in Western New York and moved to Colorado after graduating from college in 2013. She completed her undergraduate degree in psychology from SUNY Geneseo and attended graduate school at the University of Northern Colorado. While in graduate school, she volunteered for Talking with Technology camp through Children’s Hospital, igniting her interest in Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC).

After graduation, Jessica delved into various roles, starting with working at Denver Public Schools, then transitioning to home health, and eventually becoming a speech language pathology assistant supervisor. In her role in home health, Jessica served as a clinical mentor and was part of the AAC team. She supported numerous clinicians throughout the trial and funding process, finding joy in showing them how seamless AAC funding could be. Her enthusiasm for teaching and supporting clinicians led her to Forbes AAC, where she's excited to further expand her expertise full-time.

Outside of work, she enjoys a range of activities like reading, hiking, camping, biking, and skiing. She cherishes spending time with her golden retriever, Ella, and finds creative fulfillment in renovating and designing homes in her area, soon to sell her second project! 

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If you are interested in products or services, you can reach Jessica by calling or email:


phone 720.772.9375


Breanne Bockwoldt, M.S., CCC-SLP - Assistive Technology Specialist

Breanne grew up in the Chicago suburbs and began her journey to becoming a speech-language pathologist at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (I-L-L!), where she completed her undergraduate degree in Speech and Hearing Science. She developed an interest in the medical side of speech pathology and attended graduate school at Rush University in Chicago. While there, she completed an internship at Lurie Children’s Hospital which ignited her passion for medically fragile populations and complex communicators in the pediatric setting.

Breanne explored this in her first few years as an SLP, working for Chicago Public Schools with students with a high level of medical and educational needs as well as developing her knowledge of Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) by avidly seeking professional development and mentorship. She was drawn to the uniqueness of each student, and greatly enjoyed the problem solving and collaboration involved in choosing AAC systems for each individual. Breanne’s work with this population ultimately led her to a position with the district’s Assistive Technology Resource Center, where she traveled the city of Chicago conducting AAC evaluations and training staff on assistive technology. In this role, she also honed her knowledge of alternative access methods and considerations for working with individuals who use switch access and eye gaze. This dedication to the field continued when she moved to Denver in 2020 to work as an Assistive Technology Specialist at Aurora Public Schools, and she is excited to now join the Forbes AAC team!

In her free time, Breanne enjoys being active and is always trying something new. Outside of being certified to teach yoga and maintaining a daily practice, you can find her in the mountains. Catch her at the climbing gym, paddleboarding one of the many beautiful Colorado lakes, hiking the latest trail, or skiing with friends.

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If you are interested in products or services, you can reach Breanne by calling or email:


phone 419.589.7688 ext 204


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