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Assessment Resources

Assessment Resources
These resources aim to guide clinicians through the AAC assessment process.
Evaluation Report Templ_cover.png
ProSlate vs iPad Justification
The ProSlate vs iPad Justification document is a valuable tool in the form of an Appeal Letter. It highlights the differences between the two with the structures and full details. Use this to make a case for your client if confronted by this type of denial. It is available to our members and can be downloaded once you have been approved.
Evaluation Report Template
Forbes AAC has developed this comprehensive, fillable, speech evaluation template covers required reporting elements point by point. Use as is or as a template for your own speech evaluation report. A comprehensive AAC evaluation is a required element in the funding process. Download this valuable tool by clicking on the image, it can be saved as a Word document.
Evaluation Report Templ_cover 11 22.png
Evaluation Report Writing Guide
This report writing guide covers a narrative style report, addressing all of the elements required in a comprehensive speech evaluation. Use as a guide to writing your AAC speech evaluation reports. A comprehensive AAC evaluation is a required element in the funding process.
Speech Evaluation Report Writing Guide.p

As a member, you can now enjoy full access to software updates for grid sets, drivers, firmware and more. In addition, you can access helpful resources that are free!

Want to request a resource? Contact our Educational Program Developer at 

proslate vs ipad_snip.PNG
ProSlate vs iPad Comparison
Use ProSlate vs iPad Comparison document for a true head-to-head consideration between an iPad and the ProSlate. There are several relevant points between the two and this tool gives in-depth insight into the significant features and true advantages of the ProSlate speech generating device. 
AAC App Feature Comparison 2020
This  link will take you to a comprehensive Google Spreadsheet that shows an in-depth comparison of AAC apps.
feature match general.PNG
feature match chart.PNG
Feature-Matching Handout
Feature-matching in AAC assessment is an important component when identifying the most effective and efficient AAC system for AAC users. Learn more about feature-matching in this handout!
Feature-Matching Chart
This feature-matching chart was created to aid clinicians in the AAC assessment process. Download it here!

Funding Resources

Funding Resources
quick guide to bill_snip.JPG
Forbes AAC Quick Guide to Billing
This report writing guide covers a narrative style report, addressing all of the elements required in a comprehensive speech evaluation. Use as a guide to writing your AAC speech evaluation reports. A comprehensive AAC evaluation is a required element in the funding process.
Forbes AAC Funding Checklist
This checklist is a great resource for clinicians to have while they are completing the assessment process! Use this to keep track of the required documentation for a funding packet.
Forbes AAC Funding Process
Learn more about the funding process for a speech-generating device. Take a look at this resource that offers a brief, easy-to-understand snapshot of the funding process.
Getting a Device Overview
There are the steps to getting a speech generating device. This chart provides a visual overview of the step-by-step process!
funding checklist.JPG
funding process.JPG
get a device overview.JPG
123 Funding Process.PNG
1-2-3 Steps for the Forbes AAC Funding Process
Use this simple guide for the most up-to-date methods of the funding process.

Adult Resources

Adult Resources
Working with the adult population? We've got you covered from low-tech to high-tech AAC resources. 
Winslate set up checklist image.png
WinSlate Set-Up Checklist
Use this when setting up an adult AAC user with the WinSlate.
Low Tech Medical Keyboard
Use this link to get a download a low-tech AAC Board. Low Tech AAC Boards are great option for when high-tech AAC isn't readily available. 
Low Tech_laminate card.png
Alt Access ALS sheet_web image.png
Alternative Access Methods for ALS
For many of our WinSlate users, alternate access is important for maximizing independence. As a user’s access needs change, there are additional access options. Check out this resource on alternate access! 
ALS Resource
Learn more about best practice for AAC assessment and intervention when working with the ALS population in this resource from Forbes AAC!
ALS Resources_image.PNG

Pediatric Resources

Pediatic Resources
Take a look at these resources created for pediatric AAC users and those who support these individuals! 
core words_snip.JPG
Modeling for AAC, or aided language stimulation, is an intervention strategy that has shown to benefit AAC users of many different ages, disabilities, and language skills (O’Neill et al., 2018). This resource can help you get started using this strategy!
modeling for aac snip.PNG
CoreWord  6_low tech.png
CoreWord  40_low tech.png
CoreWord  20_low tech.png
Brown’s Stages represent a framework of language development documented by speech-language theorist Roger Brown. The CoreWord™ system supports each essential language development milestone, providing progressively more advanced content from one level to the next.
coreword browns_snip.PNG
Use these practice sentences for each CoreWord™ level to jumpstart intervention!
coreword practice sent_snip.PNG
Want to jumpstart ideas on how to incorporate AAC at home, in therapy, or in the classroom? These resources can help! 
activity cars racetrack_snip.JPG
activity bubbles_snip.JPG
Implementation Keyrings
These four printable implementation keyrings are a great AAC resource! These were designed to help guide clinicians and family members in AAC implementation. 
Tips for Success visual.jpg
Motivation visual.jpg
Modeling download version.jpg
This is a Talker image.jpg
Clinical Protocols
With play-based learning in mind, Forbes AAC created the Language Development Kits (LDK) as a companion accessory to an AAC user's speech generating device.

Using play-based motivators and professionally developed Clinical Protocols, the development kits create a systematic pathway to language acquisition. 

Check out this link to learn more Forbes AAC Language Development Kit and download the LDK page sets above!
Clinical Protocols Preview
WinSlate 12 Adapta booklet18 top.png

WinSlate and Spark Resources

Get the AAC fire started with Spark!
Spark, powered by MindExpress, for the WinSlate represents Forbes AAC's proprietary package of communication systems, assessment supports, educational resources, and access tools. These resources are designed to help anyone that is using Spark! 
spark logo_FINAL-01.png
WinSlate and Spark Resources
Spark Quick Start Guide
spark quick start guide.JPG
Spark vs Grid Comparison
spark vs grid art compare.png
Spark - How to set up your phone
set up phone winslate_spark.PNG
Spark Remote Editing - Clinician
Spark remote edit_snip.JPG
How to power the WinSlate on/off:
turn on off screen cap A.JPG
Spark Remote Editing - User
Spark remote edit user_snip.JPG
How to adjust dwell for eye gaze users:
adjust dwell screen cap.JPG
Spark - How to save message
save messg screen cap A.JPG
How to calibrate for eye tracking for eye gaze users:
calibrate screen cap A.JPG
How to Keep Your WinSlate Running at its Best!
how to keep your winslate running.PNG
Opening Kinka Games from Spark
opening games kinka.PNG
Spark/Mind Express User Manual
jabbla cover_scrn cap.PNG
WinSlate for Kids Spanish product information
WSFK Spanish_snip.PNG
How to create a profile in Kinka
kinka create a profile.PNG
ProSlate Resources

ProSlate Resources

Where to start with the ProSlate
One of the many benefits of the ProSlate is the opportunity to access and trial several different communication systems and apps. This resource covers the many factors to consider when trialing AAC apps.
Forbes AAC Where to Start ProSlate-1.png
Guided Access Resources
guided access sheet_snip.JPG
guided access sheet PS_snip.JPG
Removing the SnapLock Keyguard
CoughDrop Quick Reference Guide
ProSlate for Kids Spanish product information
remove keyguard snip.JPG
CoughDrop PS Quick Start_screen cap.PNG
Spanish version ProSlate snip.PNG

Language Development Kit Page Sets

Language Development Kit Page Sets
wall car grid snip.png
threeking grid snip.png
unicorn grid start.JPG
snip puppy grid.png
blk gld grid snip.png
dino grid set snip.png
Popular AAC App Cheat Sheets

Popular AAC app Cheat Sheets

Here are a few Cheat Sheets we have developed for some of the more popular AAC applications. Click on the image to get a full size PDF you can download and use or review as you need.
Forbes AAC TAP TC42 Cheat_circle.png
Forbes AAC TAP Speak for Your_circle.png
Forbes AAC TAP Super Core 50 Cheat.png
Forbes AAC TAP Snap Core
Forbes AAC TAP Grid for iPad Text Talker
Forbes AAC TAP Proloquo2go 5x9.png
Forbes AAC TAP Predictable-1.png
Forbes AAC TAP LAMP Words for Life.png
Forbes AAC WinSlate Grid 3.png
Forbes AAC TAP CoreWord 40 Grid 3.png
Forbes AAC TAP Clicker Communicator.png
Forbes AAC TAP Proloquo4 Text
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