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Enable Eyes Control Bar


The perfect eye tracking software solution for AAC and computer access

The Enable Eyes Control Bar utilizes state-of-the art eye tracking technology to create an all-in-one computer access and AAC software solution. Every aspect of the software can be adjusted to personal preference, including the size of tools, click times and options, and calibration. making it easy to move from one tool set to the next.

The control bar uses the very latest in eye tracking technology, including reliable and robust tracking performance, instant acquisition and reacquisition of the eyes, and a greater tolerance for head motion. Calibration is done via dark pupil, single or binocular tracking, resulting in a completely customizable user experience with fast, easy access to eye tracking.


Eye tracking tools always within reach, but never in the way

Integrated features that use minimal screen space

Favorite Tools

Mouse Tools

Scrolling Tools

Window Control Tools

User-controlled settings

Enable Eyes Control Bar™
A fast, natural direct-select access method

When using the Enable Eyes Control Bar to access Windows applications, you control the position of the  mouse cursor by simply looking at targets on the screen. The mouse cursor follows your eye gaze point on the screen, and when you want to make a selection, blink your eyes and the Enable Eyes Control Bar clicks for you.

The Enable Eyes Control Bar is included with all Enable Eyes® open systems configured with the Grid 3 software.

Forbes AAC can facilitate special requests and preferences from the onset of your purchase of the Enable Eyes Control Bar. Please check with your ATS or our inside sales department for details. 

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