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User-Controlled Settings

Blink/Dwell Click Mode Changes the mouse click mode between a slow blink or staring at a point for a set time to click.

Hide Mouse Hides the mouse pointer when enabled if the pointer is a distraction.

LiveView Allows the user to see a live feed of the camera image. From the live view, you can verify the eye tracker is locking onto the eyes and that there are no focus or interference issues creating a problem. Once a good tracking condition is met, you can select the calibration button from the live view to begin a calibration.

Calibration Update Launches a single point calibration, which shifts the current calibration to line up with the center of the screen. This is helpful if the user adjusts their seating position or has to temporarily step away and doesn’t want to do a full calibration upon returning. This function waits for the user to look in the center portion of the screen before collecting a data point. This tool displays a warning if a full calibration has not previously been completed. 


Settings Shows the settings for the Eye Tracker. Additional settings can be accessed through the calibration extras area located by clicking on the eye icon in the system tray while the control bar is running.  

WinSlate User-Controlled Settings
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