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WinSlate 12D with Enable Eyes™

WinSlate 12D™ with Enable Eyes™ with Accessible Apps
WinSlate 12D™ with Enable Eyes™back view
WinSlate 12D™ with Enable Eyes™ with CoreWord 40
WinSlate 12D™ with Enable Eyes™side view
WinSlate 12D™ with Enable Eyes™
WinSlate 12D™ with Enable Eyes™
WinSlate 12D™ with Enable Eyes™ with Vocal Flair Pro 60
WinSlate 12D™ with Enable Eyes™
WinSlate 12D™ with Enable Eyes™ CoreWord 6

The ultimate eye tracking AAC device

The WinSlate 12D with Enable Eyes™ incorporates cutting-edge eye tracking technology to provide access to all that Windows 10 has to offer, including computer use, environmental control and use of social media platforms*. The Enable Eyes® module and onscreen control bar let you easily emulate all mouse entries, including left and right click, drag, scroll and zoom, using only your eyes.

Our state-of-the-art eye tracker features superior motion tolerance, making it a great fit for users who may have been unsuccessful with other eye tracking devices. Users enjoy lightning-fast performance on a streamlined platform weighing only 3.4 pounds. As with other devices in the WinSlate™ Series, the WinSlate 12D Enable Eyes incorporates Forbes AAC’s proprietary WinSlate Dashboard™, CoreWord™ language system, FlexABLE® Handle and Stand and SoundPOD™ wearable speaker.

*Requires feature unlock key (sold separately)

Each WinSlate 12D with Enable Eyes™ comes equipped with the Adapta multifunctional hub which allows for a variety of accessories. It is complete with an integrated USB port protector, recessed USB ports and a concealed eye tracker port. Those elements make the device easily updated based on the user’s needs. Every Adapta has a built-in infrared controller to use for work, play or life in general.

Adapta is a multifunction hub that supercharges the WinSlate into a more powerful, versatile, and streamlined, ultracontemporary AAC device. It is made up of several components: 1. Integrated USB Port Protector - avoiding snags is easy with the integrated USB port Protector that fights against breakage and abuse and protects the motherboard, 2. Recessed USB ports will keep large USB options for auxiliary access methods safe and protected, 3. Concealed Eye tracker port is a hinged port access that is dedicated to the eye tracker. It safeguards the connection and maintains the modular aspect making for a reliable integrated system. And at the top of the Adapta module, built into each unit, is a powerful infraRed or IR controller!

Adapta logo dark grey TM_rgb-01.png
123 isolate_Adapta module features.png

Port relocator – for big deal USB devices.

.Adapta features a port relocator option for use with those large USB devices often found with switch scanning and headmousing. The Port Relocator attaches to the Adapta hub and relocates the USB port to accommodate large USB devices

With the Port Relocator in use, the USB devices are protected by the WinSlate and lay flat against the device.

The Port Relocator utilizes a break-away male to female extension cable to protect the USB ports.

IR isolate page.png

InfraRed for all.

.Built into each and every WinSlate is a powerful infraRed controller. The IR controller can send signals to control virtually any IR device used for work or play.

Language development kits

WinSlate comes complete with prebuilt grid sets ready-to-control a variety of infraRed accessories great for pediatric therapy. Visit for more details.

Smart TV control

WinSlate users can take full control of their IR Smart TV using the WinSlate’s built in transmitter and gridsets. Control power, volume and navigate menus using any access method.

port relocator_iso.png
port relocator separte_iso.png
port relocator separte2_iso.png

Download the promotional booklet the new WinSlate!

UPDATES! Keep the WinSlate running its best! 

The WinSlate provides reliable communication for end users, and help clinicians with their speech evaluations and like any computing device, it requires updates. Use these two resources to help with that process: YouTube link and PDF document.

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