WinSlate 12D with Enable Eyes™

WinSlate 12D with Enable Eyes™
WinSlate 12 EnableEyes
WinSlate 12 on an X base
WinSlate 12 EnableEyes
WinSlate 12D with Enable Eyes™
WinSlate 12D with EnableEyes
WinSlate 12
WinSlate 12 EnableEyes

The ultimate eye tracking AAC device

The WinSlate 12D with Enable Eyes™ incorporates cutting-edge eye tracking technology to provide access to all that Windows 10 has to offer, including computer use, environmental control and use of social media platforms*. The Enable Eyes® module and onscreen control bar let you easily emulate all mouse entries, including left and right click, drag, scroll and zoom, using only your eyes.


Our state-of-the-art eye tracker features superior motion tolerance, making it a great fit for users who may have been unsuccessful with other eye tracking devices. Users enjoy lightning-fast performance on a streamlined platform weighing only 3.4 pounds. As with other devices in the WinSlate™ Series, the WinSlate 12D Enable Eyes incorporates Forbes AAC’s proprietary WinSlate Dashboard™, CoreWord™ language system, FlexABLE® Handle and Stand and SoundPOD™ wearable speaker.

*Requires feature unlock key (sold separately)


Available as a Dedicated Speech Generating Device (SGD) meeting the requirements of

HCPCS code E2510.

Wearable SoundPOD™
Enable Eyes Control Bar™
WinSlate Dashboard™
Enable Eyes®
Eye tracking module
Remote Help Desk
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