Forbes AAC Product Lineup

Our extensive line of devices and accessories is sure to fulfill your AAC needs. Multiple accessibility options, sizes and operating systems make customization easy, because your communication style is unique to you.


 We are proud to make the most durable, reliable and easy to use products on the market, all backed by AAC experts and clinicians that are just a click away.

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A revolutionary line of AAC devices that use Apple’s iOS operating system, backed by our unbeatable warranties and exclusive add-ons. Available in four screen sizes and ten color options* so you can find your perfect fit.

*excludes ProSlate 4D and 13D

Personify™ Voice Recording System

The Personify Voice Recording System helps those with progressive disorders to record legacy messages while they are still verbal. The recordings are saved and can be accessed on our WinSlate devices via touch screen, switch scanning, head mouse or eye tracking.

wheelchair mount system

From lightweight to heavy-duty, we carry a complete line of mounting systems to accommodate any of our devices. Choose from wheelchair mounts, rolling floor stands or tabletop setups to suit your needs.

AAC WinSlate mount
WinSlate for Kids™ with Look to Learn
WinSlate 12™ with CoreWord

Our Windows-integrated WinSlate devices can be accessed by eye tracking, gyroscopic head mouse and switch scanning, making communication easy without having to directly select from the screen.

CoreWord™ Language System
CoreWord™ AAC app
CoreWord™ AAC app

Featuring personalized and dynamic vocabulary layouts, the CoreWord Language System ensures maximum efficiency by predicting the most likely next words to maintain natural speech. Perfect for use with our WinSlate devices.

Environmental Control Systems

With our Environmental Control Systems, users can control almost every aspect of their homes. We provide a modern, comprehensive package with system design, installation, patient training and ongoing support and maintenance that helps users take control of their environment.

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