WinSlate 12D™

WinSlate 12D™ with CoreWord 40
WinSlate 12D™ back view
WinSlate 12D™ front view with WinSlate Dashboard
WinSlate 12D™ with the Adapta Module
WinSlate 12D™ with Fast Talker
WinSlate 12D™
WinSlate 12D™ Symbol Talker A
Versatile, functional, powerful

FlexABLE® Handle and StandThe WinSlate 12D’s 12.3” PixelSense display is perfect for communicators who use alternative access methods or need larger on-screen targets. Access method options include, but are not limited to, direct access with or without custom keyguards, optical or gyroscopic headmouse, and switch scanning. Weighing only 3.4 pounds, the WinSlate 12D remains incredibly lightweight and portable, making use in all environments a breeze.

The WinSlate Dashboard™ and CoreWord™ language systems support communication at all levels, from expression of basic wants and needs to the use of powerful text-to-speech engines. Forbes AAC’s patented FlexABLE® Handle and Stand, SoundPOD™ wearable speaker and TRU-Hold™ Keyguards make it easier than ever for WinSlate 12D users to communicate anytime, anywhere.

Each WinSlate 12D™ comes equipped with the Adapta multifunctional hub which allows for a variety of accessories. It is complete with an integrated USB port protector, recessed USB ports and a concealed eye tracker port. Those elements make the device easily updated based on the user’s needs. Every Adapta has a built-in infrared controller to use for work, play or life in general.

FlexABLE® Handle and Stand
TRU-Hold™ Keyguards
Wearable SoundPOD™
Alternate Access Methods
WinSlate Dashboard
CoreWord 40
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Available as a Dedicated Speech Generating Device (SGD) meeting the requirements of

HCPCS code E2510.

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