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Breaking Barriers to Access to AAC: AAC Now!

Forbes AAC continuously strives for innovation and accessibility. Forbes AAC premium boards and AAC NOW! program aims to transform the landscape of communication for individuals with complex communication needs.

Forbes AAC Premium Boards are designed to cater to the unique needs of individuals with complex communication needs. These boards, developed by experts in the field, offer a range of features and functionalities designed to enhance communication efficiency and effectiveness.

There are four different premium board sets, including CoreWord™, Symbol Links, Quick Core Pro, and Vocal Flair Pro.

1. CoreWord: Empowering Communication with Core Vocabulary

  • The CoreWord Language System is the cornerstone of the premium boards, providing those who use AAC with a powerful combination of core vocabulary, fringe vocabulary, and key phrases.

  • Divided into four distinct grid sizes – 6, 20, 40, and 60 – the CoreWord Language System intuitively adjusts vocabulary layouts based on user selections, streamlining communication, and minimizing learning curves by harnessing motor planning principles.

2. Symbol Links: Facilitating Symbol-Based Communication

  • Symbol Links is a board set tailored for those who benefit from picture symbols in their AAC use.

  • With layouts ranging from grid sizes of 4 to 30, individuals can access essential vocabulary organized by category, enabling quick and efficient communication in various contexts.

3. Quick Core Pro: Streamlining Communication with Core Vocabulary

  • Quick Core Pro offers tailored core vocabulary board sets in layouts ranging from grid sizes of 12 to 112, promoting the use of core language while providing common fringe vocabulary.

  • This board set facilitates communication with minimal button activations, empowering those who use AAC to express themselves effectively and efficiently.

4. Vocal Flair Pro: Enhancing Communication with Robust Vocabulary

  • Vocal Flair Pro is a large vocabulary set featuring a dynamic core main board and additional categorized fringe words with grid sizes ranging from 24 to 112.

  • This Pro board set includes a Fitzgerald color coding scheme and SymbolStix symbol set, ensuring consistency and flexibility for individuals as they navigate the unique dynamics of AAC use.

Want to use the Premium Boards NOW!?

AAC NOW! provides barrier-free access to AAC to individuals with speech and language impairments. AAC NOW! allows for seamless integration with CoughDrop, enabling individuals to install CoughDrop and Forbes AAC Premium Boards on any household or workplace device.

  • This integration enhances accessibility and flexibility, ensuring that individuals have access to AAC tools whenever and wherever they need them while they wait for their Forbes AAC dedicated speech-generating device to be approved and funded by insurance.

Clinicians are able to perform evaluations on an individual with complex communication needs within CoughDrop to determine the most appropriate board set, grid size, and access method. They can use the information gathered from the evaluation and make any necessary customizations to the individual’s board set while they wait for their dedicated speech-generating device to arrive.

  • Once it arrives, they can simply sign in to the CoughDrop account created for the individual with complex communication needs so that they can start using their customized board set immediately.

The integration of CoughDrop with Forbes AAC's premium boards and dedicated speech-generating devices offers individuals a level of flexibility and customization that is unmatched in the field of AAC. With CoughDrop's robust features and intuitive interface, individuals can personalize their communication experience via AAC according to their unique preferences and abilities.

  • From robust vocabulary, collaboration, and progress monitoring tools, to personalized board sets, CoughDrop empowers those with complex communication needs to customize their AAC tools to meet their unique needs and preferences, fostering independence and self-expression.

Forbes AAC's premium boards and AAC NOW! program represents a paradigm shift in AAC technology. With a focus on personalization, efficiency, and accessibility, these innovative tools are revolutionizing communication for individuals with speech and language impairments and their support teams.

In the dynamic landscape of AAC, the seamless integration of CoughDrop with Forbes AAC's premium boards, AAC NOW! Program, and dedicated speech-generating devices stands as a beacon of progress of making AAC accessible to those who need it.

  • This constructive interaction not only enhances accessibility and flexibility of AAC, but it also fosters a collaborative environment where AAC teams can effectively collaborate to maximize the linguistic and communication skill development of those with complex communication needs.

Hannah Foley, B.A. serves as the Support and Implementation Specialist at Forbes AAC, leveraging more than five years of experience in AAC support and implementation. Committed to delivering quality implementation resources and support, Hannah focuses on empowering AAC teams who are implementing CoughDrop. She is dedicated to ensuring successful integration of AAC into various life activities, maximizing communicative skill development, and fostering meaningful engagement for individuals utilizing AAC.

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