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Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)

The Challenge

  • Fight social withdraw

  • Inspire independence

  • Minimize frustration and depression

  • Meet wants and needs

  • Stay connected

  • Restore control

  • Overcome severe physical limitations

To make things more difficult, those with limb onset  ALS rely more and more on caregivers to help them accomplish daily activities. Without  successful communication the caregivers often fail to meet those needs, leaving the patient helpless. In addition to unmet wants and needs, social withdraw is often a symptom of communication breakdown and can contribute to poor mental health.

The Solution

ComLink LT3G  Enable Eyes II & ComLink ST3G  Enable Eyes II

Eye-Tracking technology has been on the market for some time but with disappointing and mixed results. We have perfected a completely integrated system that delivers like no other. It is so easy to setup and use, it just works!

Our engineers have integrated the eye-tracking capabilities so seamlessly that anyone can use it. No more complex navigation between separate applications, time consuming and difficult resizing of windows or constant recalibration of the camera. Everything is done in a seamless manner to optimize your experience and make this technology a practice solution for those with severely limited physical access.

Benefit from:

•  A beautiful large screen with the LT3G or a beautiful small screen with the ST3G.

•  A completely integrated solution. We have thought of everything!

•  Full windows platform to support other software you may want to install. (Open devices only)

•  Ability to perform computer task such as email, word processing, etc. (Open devices only)

•  Ability to control your environment through home automation accessories and environmental controls

•  All day battery

•  Built in Wi-Fi

•  Amazing customer support that can actually log into this device when on the internet to help you

    make adjustments or answer your questions

Don’t need eye-tracking capabilities?

You can start with the ComLink LT3G or ComLink ST3G and simply add on the eye-tracking solution if that need should present itself. Each device still comes with multiple access methods to allow you to access your world the way you need to.

The ComLink ST3G in particular is a great solution for bulbar onset ALS. It provide the ultimate flexibility in being portable without compromising function and access farther down the road.


Whatever your need, we are here to help you find the best solution.  

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