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Zoom Tube Car Trax

Children learn language through natural, motivating opportunities. What is more natural and motivating to a child than PLAY? Forbes AAC is introducing Interactive Language Development Kits that provide access to play regardless of a child's motor abilities. These Kits will provide children with a toy that is controlled via IR capabilities of the Forbes AAC WinSlate device, a corresponding pageset with incorporated language, and lesson plans for therapists and caregivers.

Zoom Tubes Car Trax

WinSlate with IR Module

Click on the image for more information on the new WinSlate with Adapta that includes a built in IR module.

IR isolate WS.png
WinSlate Adapta R dil dog start_rgb.png

Zoom Tube Car Trax Pageset

Click the image or the button to download the custom built Zoom Tube Car Trax pageset.

tube car grid snip.png

Buy the Zoom Tube Car Trax

To purchase the Zoom Tube Car Trax, click on the Amazon link below.

tube car_box.jpg

Clinical Protocol

Click here for the in depth Clinical Protocol that includes a Lesson Plan, Goal Bank and Data Tracking Sheet.

WinSlate 12 Adapta booklet18 top.png

Video Example

For a quick demonstration of the Zoom Tube Car Trax in action, check out the YouTube link.

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