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Interactive Learning Activities

Explore and have fun, while learning eye tracking behind the scenes

With the WinSlate for Kids with Enable Eyes, users can access Interactive Learning Activities, a collection of 21 activities designed for children who use eye tracking technology. It offers five different activity types that engage and motivate kids using eye gaze technology with each of the five groups focusing on developing different skills.

Click here for a brief but thorough demonstration of the Learning Activities

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Focusing Eyes on a Stationary Object

In this group, there are activities that teach a child learning to use eye gaze technology how to change a single item by looking at it. Provides the opportunity to learn the cause and effect of using their eyes!

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kinka gears.png
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Focusing Eyes on a Moving Object
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Similar to the group above, however these items are moving! This can provide therapeutic information related to the size and number of objects that a child can access on a screen.

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kinka fish.png
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Gaze Dwelling

This group of activities aims to teach a child how to hold an eye gaze on an object for an extended period of time which provides information related to setting an appropriate dwell time.

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kinka cacoon.png
kinka nature.png
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Following an Object

This set of games is more difficult requiring concentration and patience, but very motivating!

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kinka star path.png
kinka racetrack.png

This group includes games that are motivating and fun! With this group you can target therapy goals through play-based learning.

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