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Interactive Learning

Learn. Explore. Have fun! 

These exciting, animated activities are designed to teach skills like cause-and-effect, choice making, and problem solving. Using these grid sets, users can independently create their own songs, take care of Dilbert the animated dog, paint pictures and more.

Benefits of Interactive Learning grid sets

  • Exciting animated activities motivate users to engage with their device

  • The perfect platform for practicing targeting, direction following and choice-making

  • Activities can easily be customized for a user’s unique communication and access needs

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look to learn laun.jpg

Look to Learn Launcher and Toolbar

Look to Learn includes 40 activities designed for people learning to use eyegaze technology. These activities have been specially created to improve access and choice-making skills, from early cause and effect to accurate eyegaze control during complex tasks. This toolbar allows a user to easily choose, participate in, and talk about Look To Learn activities.

interact learn.jpg

Interactive Learning Cause and Effect

This grid set was created to develop early cause and effect skills through a variety of engaging activities. Users can independently take care of Dilbert the Dog, play the Magic Piano, paint pictures with the Magic Brush and more.

interact visual scenes.jpg

Interactive Visual Scenes

Provides animated scenes designed to teach cause and effect and early language and literacy skills. Scenes can be activated by making selections in the grid, including Park Life, Classroom, Big City and many others.

interact learn choice.jpg

Interactive Learning Choices

These activities, suitable for a wide age range, encourage development of choice-making skills. Tasks involve getting a model ready for the catwalk, making a cake, assembling a race car and more.

interact learn chall.jpg

Interactive Learning Challenges

Interactive Learning Challenge activities are designed to teach higher-level skills such as problem-solving, turn-taking and color matching. Use these activities to get Robo Snail to his destination, play Four in a Row, and drive a race car through a maze.

interact learn targ.jpg

Interactive Learning Large Targets

This grid set was designed for users who need larger on-screen targets and/or fewer choices during Interactive Learning activities. Includes a collection of activities like Cause and Effect, Visual Scenes, Choices and Challenges with larger cells for easier access



The Soundbox grid set enables you to use your WinSlate™ device to make music. Soundbox’s three activities can be controlled using any type of alternative access, including touch, switch and eye gaze. The activities are designed to be no-fail, so everyone can enjoy using them.

first words.jpg

First Words

First Words is an engaging and educational resource to help children learn their first words. Users will have fun learning language by seeing words and symbols, making a choice, hearing the word spoken and seeing Amigo the robot model the meaning.

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